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Home Profit Masters – Scam or Legit? | Reviews

Looks like the creators of “Home Profit Masters” are back with more heinous schemes brought to you by the same people under investigation by the FTC! Where do I begin to warn you about Home Profit Masters by Jane Simmons and endorsed by Angela Bussio?

Maybe the FTC lead can say a lot for one, they violate the “No Safe Harbor” guidelines that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued years ago may dissuade you from going near “Home Profit Masters”.

Or maybe that the first page that was yanked due to complaints had a few hundred people giving testimonials, even though many had the same name under different photos and same photos on different names all saying exactly the same thing in many of them.

I enjoyed the math mistakes like one testimonial claiming they made 40k a month, then immediately after they say profits are 10k monthly(?)! If none of this is enough, then how about when I opted in and ‘Home Profit Masters’ charge of $97 drops to $77 when I try to leave, then when I drop out another pop up brings it down to $47?

Would you believe that the owners of Home Profit Masters had to enter a settlement agreement in court with Utah’s Consumer Protection act enforcers? Granted, it was another of their companies, but they really used content from another of their many scam websites designed to part the customer with thousands of dollars by the end of the con.

Then there is the devious mode of promoting themselves on fake news sites, which the FTC also strongly disapproves of.

These “coaching classes” or “coaching floors”, or whatever they pass their scheme off as, amount to nothing but boiler room operations filled with shady sales people.

Home Profit Masters associates will call you back and ask deeply personal questions about your finances to determine if you are a “candidate” for their special educational courses that will, according to their claims, make you tens of thousands every year.

Then the Home Profit Masters mess just gets dirtier. A fake order page, grabs your credit card information, leaving you vulnerable to say the least.

By now you’re probably wondering who or what kind of people perpetrate this kind of dishonest business to unsuspecting people. The main culprit is Phillip Gannuscia, who is infamous for scams such as “Clicks To Cash”, “Education Training Online”, “Online Profit Masters” and his worst, “Income Masters Institute” and “Income Cash Machine” leading the pack. Jane Simmons is a pseudonym (fake name) under a stock photo seen before somewhere else, too.

HomeProfitMasters is getting away with some barely legal loopholes as an educational service that supposedly pays out. They give people the idea that they get paid for posting links. The truth is that you only get paid a commission after you’ve turned a prospect into a sale… so it isn’t a “job” it’s a business because you have to pay for the advertising.

Complaints have also been recorded about their tactics on evading you when you want your money back.

Angela Bussio’s personal website has no information about this “Home Profit Masters” scam and seems to be running a legitimate business herself.

We have contacted Angela Bussio’s office and have received several responses from her representatives telling us that they are indeed working with these scam companies, but they claim that they are unaware that “Home Profit Masters”, “Home Profit Acedemy” and the companies they are representing are actually scams. We have informed them that they are indeed scams and that they should distance themselves from them immediately.

It is unfortunate that Angela Bussio continues to endorse these scams because she seems to be running a legitimate business herself and is only continuing to ruin her reputation by supporting scams like “Home Profit Masters“, “Profit Masters Academy” and the other like companies she is putting her name on.

For your reference, here is her website:
As you can see, there is no mention of the “Home Profit Masters” or the other scams anywhere on her personal website.

With all these problems arising, it seems to me that ‘Home Profit Masters’ are masters of profit for their own home, not yours.

Avoid this one.

Thanks for reading

– David



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