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Home Profit Formula – Scam Reviews

Home Profit Formula, found at, is yet another link posting scam, though really more an affiliate marketing scheme under the guise of a work from home mom’s “job opportunity”, but this time they give Latinos a bad name.

The usual suspects, the fake stock photos of fake moms and fake “news clips” and logos, are now “endorsed by one Anna Garcia, “No. 1” (fake) “job consultant” (in all of) America”. What makes it more ridiculous is that the stock photo is of a typical white housewife. But it’s still the least of my grievances I will list here.

It seems like I’m endlessly exposing these types of nearly identical money pits, so I dug deep in to see if there were any merits in “Home Profit Formula” to report. While I love a good challenge, this was just too easy.

Despite Home Profit Formula’s statements – that anyone can be successful doing this to the tune of a little over 350 a day on autopilot right from your home anytime you want it really is not as simple as the “cut and paste” system they claim on their site.

For one, there really isn’t a job here so there is no income guarantee. The guaranteed immediate placement is a bit of misdirection they call “priceless”, and that makes Home Profit Formula a joke.

Then there is the fact that what they do “teach”, in the program they ask you (about a hundred bucks!) to pay for, is so outdated and dead that, if you can make as much as you say they can, well, you’re brilliant and probably do this without their help.

Another and, the most important factor in my calling it a scam is that this is really just a weak affiliate marketing program that used to work once upon a time but is no longer a sustainable business model for anyone but the site owner who preys upon unsuspecting newbies.

There are so many factors in setting up a really good marketing campaign. Home Profit Formula leaves a lot of these steps out of their training, and missing even a few crucial steps will end up with little to nothing in return.

The program Home Profit Formula offers depends on you making commissions from sales due to people actually clicking on the links you’re to post and actually buying the product or service on your posted link.

You won’t actually be paid just for posting these links. It’s deceptive of Home Profit Formula to claim otherwise. Often, marketers will pay Google or other search engines to place you in high traffic spots and there’s still no guarantee.

Since more investment is involved in the long run, a really excellent way of figuring this stuff out is through well researched studying, and not falling for scams like Home Profit Formula. Steer clear.

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– David


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