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Home Online Profit Education Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Online Profit Education” (or HOPE), by Heather Smith and found at, is a rip off website that uses what’s known as the link posting scam.

When you post advertising links it’s usually in the form of small ad banners you place on sites from which you buy ad space.

You get paid only if people click the ads and end up buying your clients’ products, turn into prospects, leads or anything else that gets you paid.

The chances of any of that occurring are slim to none these days because most of the time people are wary of clicking on those little ad banners.

So right at the beginning it is required that you invest money from your own resources in order to get started.

While this is true of any kind of business or investment opportunities in which you want succeed, some are disastrously bad.

Home Online Profit Education is in the top, or bottom, as it were, of the disaster category. There are just too many reasons why but we cover the main ones in this review.

Starting with the network news channel brands on the top of the pages, not only are they posted without the consent of the networks but it’s misleading another way.

The seen on TV hype is not true. Neither this scam nor any of the other clone sites like Home Online Profit Education have ever been advertised on either radio or news shows.

The story about the rags to riches success their made up working mother, Heather Smith, is pure fiction.

They practice these deceiving tactics and more because they know what triggers to pull to motivate desperate newcomers in search of easy money through online work from home.

However, none of what you see on the site can be believed because they are only after one thing and one thing alone – access to your bank account.

Even the $97 dollar fee is a lie because they lower the price all the way down to $47 every time you attempt to quit the site.

Again this is because once become a paying member they now have your bank account in their greedy evil claws.

You are charged a monthly fee every month plus additional little charges under different merchant names in hopes you won’t notice.

Also not only do they swamp with so much spam from their paid sponsors when you enter the “back office”, but Home Online Profit Education sells them your personal info as well.

Those third party clients will then fill your email account with their junk, and 99.9% of those are scams that are not to be trusted.

They claim you’ll be put in touch with one of their “one-on-one internet wealth experts” but the truth is they are actually boiler room sales hounds whose only job is to upsell you to more costly yet useless training.

These cretins use every weapon in their arsenal to motivate you, and you should know they are very good at what they do.

One of those tricks includes phony, fancy sounding titles like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program.

Truth is certifications like those aren’t real and many have fallen for it all, some to the tune of up to tens of thousands of dollars.

We know this because many unhappy people constantly message us about their tragic stories that are very sad to see.

The moment the scammers who run Home Online Profit Education and many other similar clone sites know they’ve tapped you dry, you will find no one to help you.

Nor will you get your money back. Access to their phone numbers will vanish as well, so no more “customer support”, “personal coaches” or anyone at all can be contacted or heard from again.

Most of these things are laid out in the legal language at the bottom of the presentation pages, so you’d do well to read those disclaimers carefully.

If you are unfortunate enough to have gotten involved with these con men, all you can really do is to contact your bank so they can switch you over to a new account.

Home Online Profit Education is a scam. They also call it HOPE, but there is no hope at all if you mess with it.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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