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Home Jobs Now Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Jobs Now”, by Kelly Scott and found at, is a rip off website known as a link posting scam site.

Many scams online use the fictional working single mother named Kelly Scott and they all look basically the same, except once in a while they change the stock photo.

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The Home Jobs Now site has a lot of warning sings indicating it’s a scam, and that includes the working mother Kelly Scott and her phony success story.

Kelly Scott is a fictional character, and definitely not America’s #1 Home Business Consultant so don’t fall for that lie.

This scam has been around for years under different names and links like Home Jobs Today, Online Jobs Today, Home Internet Career, Careers for You and many more.

The site design and info never changes which each site link and business name, making them easy to recognize.

It is very hard for authorities to hunt let alone prosecute any of them because they hide behind proxy host providers that help them mask ownership.

This is an awful scheme from start to finish beginning with their opt-in page programmed to capture your name and info.

They prompt you to give them all your personal data and banking info and they still don’t offer any concrete information as to what it is one does to make all that big money they claim you can make.

Even after you opt-in there is still no substantial description or the work entailed inside, and that is yet another warning sign.

Once you’re inside the presentation page they show an urgent call to action with the old trick of warning you there are only 2 positions left, as if they’re offering a job.

This site does not offer any jobs. Rather, it is a very risky home business “opportunity”, so they lie to you right from the start.

You must read the disclaimers at the bottom of the page to see that it is all hype and empty promises, including the use of the network news logos right at the very top of the page.

The network news logos and the intro news segment video on the second presentation page they use are posted without permission from the news networks.

Next to the fake mom’s fake story you can see a generic image taken from public stock image sites. The photos of the people’s phony comments are also stock images.

Along with those there are photo-shopped income statements and a fabricated check designed to lure you into this trap.

Other stock photos include the people enjoying a good lifestyle, a mansion, luxury cars and yatchs to make you think you can get these things by using their garbage system. It’s all a pipe dream.

We can only hope the authorities catch up with them and shut them down but there are not enough resources and manpower to go after scams like these.

Beware of weasely tricks scammers use on this scam site. Badly outdated training anyone can look for free online free is among them.

Another are the meaningless fake job titles and certifications like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program they cook up to make you think they are authentic.

It’s not easy to make money posting advertising spots on web pages, and in case you will need to invest money in placing them so you could be out of pocket with no guarantee of returns.

Speaking of red flag warning signs, you will notice a photoshopped income check on the Home Jobs Now page.

You actually would be receiving a bunch of checks in much smaller amounts from many different outside clients for which you’d be posting those ads.

Only, people clicking on them, much less they actually buy something, is a lot less likely than they claim.

Worst of all are the boiler room floor aggressive salespeople that come after you to buy more expensive and useless business coaching programs that only make you broke.

There are many who have been swindled by this and other scam sites who have openly complained of getting taken for as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

You won’t ever get a refund back at all because there is no valid refund policy nor customer service to hunt down.

There is nothing good about Home Jobs Now. It is a terrible rip off.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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web paydaycenter isn’t you they say they are. They charge you a fee of 97.00 dollars to find out that there’s no such thing as a listings being posted. Why did I let them crooks sucker me in like that.


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