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Home Job Source Review

by David Harris

“Home Job Source”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a website that uses the con known as the “link posting” scam.

It is fraught with a large number of warning signals, starting with the working mom “Kelly Simmons” who supposedly went from poor to rich using this program.

She actually doesn’t exist in the real world, much less being America’s Number One Home Business Consultant.

There’s no such thing as that either.

This Home Job Source scam has never been endorsed nor advertised on any of the news networks shown at the top of the page.

Anything such as CBS, NBC, etc., are used without approval from the actual channels.

Don’t believe those testimonials used over and over on so many other scams just like Home Job Source.

It’s a clone site designed to fool unsuspecting people.

Another warning sign claiming that they’re the number one online home income opportunity but all the other clone scam sites note the very same wording gives them no credibility at all.

In fact, none of them is actually number 1, not one of them!

They are actually the last thing you should ever buy into.

The next warning sign concerns a calculator configured to display how much money they claim you would earn by using this rip off of a website.

It creates fantasy figures no one even comes close to reaching because the system is outdated and highly flawed.

The goal is for them to get your bank account or credit card data to get as much of your money as possible.

They get a lot of it from the desperate looking to earn money from online work from home.

It’s hard to ignore the generic photos of expensive boats, cars, and homes but the chances of making enough to get them by trying this scam out are zero.

Of all the hype and misleading info on their presentation page, letting you think there are jobs to be had at Home Job Source is one of their worst atrocities.

There are absolutely no jobs to be found here, only a very high-risk work from home business scheme that will not yield anything at all.

Advertising clients’ links that you would post anywhere available that would pay you is not very profitable these days, to say the least.

It is also a bit outdated and in some cases not update friendly in Google’s eyes.

Most people that sign up to this are mostly newbies who know next to nothing about how to make money online.

Just about every one of them regrets joining Home Job Source the minute they do.

There are so many complaints on the internet about being been ripped off by these scammers.

Read the terms and conditions very carefully.

The caveats tell the real truth.

Beware of lofty-sounding titles like “Wealth Development Certification” and “Search Engine Agent” programs.

They were designed to make you think you would be certified.

Every one of the fake sites uses these made-up titles as well.

No certifications exist for posting ads online, none.

Beware the Home Job Source boiler room sales people’s aggressive attempts to get you to buy as many upgrades and upsells that can run into the 10s of $1000s if you’re not careful.

Their goal is to make as much money from you without giving anything back to you in return, much less any profits.

Their refund policy is very confusing, yet it doesn’t matter anyway since there is no customer service and you will never see any of your money ever again.

Home Job Source is one of the worst scams to get involved with, so steer very clear of it.

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Crystal wheeler on :

How come the Better Business Bureau doesn’the shut them down or do they just provide information on scams?


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