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Home Job Position Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Job Position”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is another annoying link posting scam clone website.

If you’ve seen one of these you’ve seen them all. Teeming with red flags. They start with the title of the site. I say title because this is not really a business or company, so the name is irrelevant.

The scammers who run the sites aklter the names, links and sometimes the designs to constantly try to outsmart and confuse consumer watchdogs like us but we are on to their cat and mouse game.

We keep exposing these bad biz opp shams and once we reveal the charade for what it is they will make others with new links and name changes. It’s rare that they change the designs.

The motto below the name, Home Job Position, is a terrible deception. This is truly not the “number one choice for an internet career” or number one anything.

The next red flags are the network news logos used without the approval of the news corporations that own them.

They don’t go after any of these scams because there are so many and the news corps don’t have the resources or time for this futile exercise.

Right below the news brands is the ‘only so many job positions left’ con game gimmick that’s supposed to make you think this might be a job site.

Home Job Position is definitely NOT a job site of any kind. There are no jobs, no positions, no job positions and if they had it their way you’d have no home if they could take it.

Continuing with the red flags, watch the unauthorized news clip video to see that only mentions the online work from home business opportunity field.

You will never hear the name of the scam sites on this clip as you will also never see them in ads on news channels or newspapers.

Next comes the fictional working mom Kelly Simmons. They use this web design quite often so this character, her story and the stock photo are well worn – worn out, that is.

In “her” story, you will find too many red flags to mention, but one of the biggest is right at the top when “she” promises you can make a safe and guaranteed minimum $379 per day using this scam.

The lies continue with pictures and fake testimonials. The phony income statement and the money calculator are very deceiving and they still reveal nothing about the actual work involved.

Do not be deceived by their fancy titles such as Wealth Development Certification Program and phony explanation of how you would become a Search Engine Agent. It’s a ruse.

Another ruse is the first $97 fee to join. If you try to exit the site they lower the price each time til they get to $47. More on the reason why in a moment.

Next read flag, the stock images near the middle of the sales spiel are another tactic used to lure you in even more.

These photos include people smiling in front of laptops including one having fun on the beach, fancy mansion, car and a yacht.

The real truth behind all this false hype can be read in the disclaimer at the bottom. It practically refutes everything said on the presentation.

However, the actual reason Home Job Position and scam sites like it exist is to squeeze as much money as they can get out of you.

They do this with offering to put you in touch with a so called internet wealth expert, (which is a ridiculous “job title”) for a consultation once you join.

In reality, these “experts” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. By this I mean they are the sales people on the boiler room floor.

They are extremely good at getting people to spend more money after they join, and they’ll do the best to get your money, too.

They will do their best to motivate you by pushing useless and expensive training with phony titles like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program.

These things are not real or valid, and that includes all the hype about all the money they claim you can make, but don’t just take our word for it.

So many unhappy victims have posted their complaints everywhere in forums complaint boards, etc., about how they’ve been ripped off from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars by these scammers.

Many of them have even written to us about their misfortunes on having gotten messed up with these link posting scams.

There are no refunds, no matter what they say. There is no customer support or anything at all once they’ve taken all the money you could give them in exchange for, well, nothing really.

Home Job Position is a deplorable venture that will make you end up broke if you get involved with it. Stay away from this scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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