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Home Job Placement

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Home Job Placement

by David Harris

“Home Job Placement”, by Kelly Simmons and found at is a link posting scam.

I’m saying it right from the start.

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The one changeless thing in this rip off site is that it looks exactly like all the other ones like it.

So it’s easy for us to spot.

The only things that change are the names, website links and the fake mom names every time the old ones get burned, or rather exposed.

We cut the head off and another pops up.

Sadly, for unsuspecting newcomers to the making money from home with online field is that they won’t know any better.

That’s why it is our duty to expose them hopefully before anyone gets caught up in them.

Home Job Placement seems to offer no description about what you’d be doing to make the huge money they boast about.

Not only do they hold back information.

But they doctor up paycheck photos and have phony testimonials from nonexistent people.

Another trick they use to appear legitimate is the use of unauthorized network news logos at the top of the page.

Home Job Placement employs the usual trick about “only job 2 positions available in your area” to make you think it’s an actual job position.

It really isn’t a job, though, and there are no real “job placements” to be found in this scam, unfortunately.

Only the scammers who run Home Job Placement are the ones making tons of money on this.

How they do it is once you join, for $97 before the pop ups lower the price.

They release their boiler room sales hounds on you to aggressively pressure you into buying more expensive programs.

Those program upsells are nothing but worthless coaching programs that do absolutely nothing for you but leave you broke.

They will play you with lofty-sounding yet fake titles and certification programs like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent.

Saying you will become an internet wealth expert.

There is no such thing as any of it.

They are not valid certifications, as if there were any like it in real life.

Please take a moment to time to read the terms and disclaimers at the bottom of the presentation page.

The legal stuff actually refutes anything stated everywhere else, and that is the biggest red flag of all.

The sole reason the create these scam sites is to get you to give them your banking information.

Once given, along with your other personal data, they will do all they can to siphon more money out of it without your knowledge or authorization in smaller amounts on a monthly basis.

About the only thing you can do to stop it is to notify your bank and have them cancel your existing account and transfer whatever is left on to a new one.

Forget all about any chance of a decent Home Job Placement refund policy.

Their customer support is only there for you as long as you continue to let them drain your account dry.

Once they know they’ve gotten all they could from you, there won’t be anybody to hear your complaints at all.

Trust me on this, no good will come from getting involved with Home Job Placement.

It’s nothing but a horrible scam.

Thanks for reading the scam review

– David



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