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Home Job Manual – Scam Review

by David Harris

Home Job Manual, by Melissa Johnson and found at, is one of the original “work from home” scams many of the other work from home mom sites point to – the one about the single mom that makes a (hard to believe) $8,000 a month working a few minutes a day at home on her computer.

This one is the scam that looks like a news report site of some kind but don’t be fooled. Even though Home Job Manual appears like the news, there is nothing but lies. Even the header that says “Work At Home Special Report” is nonsense!

If you aren’t already aware of these scams, it might seem compelling, but the red flags are all over the place. Let’s start with the fact that Home Job Manual is a clone site.

The Home Job Manual con goes with the single mom’s “success” story next to a generic picture frame photo right above the made up check. The fake rich blogger that inspired her is mentioned along with the link to buy their product. I tried to Google search the name of this “author” and could not find one legitimate link to her.

I could not find a “millionaire author” named Ashley James either. You get the picture. There are only these scam sites that allude to these “millionaire authors”. Beware.

A pop up window will offer the same $197 product for $78 when you try to leave the site. If you are thinking that this is going to save you more money, think again. Don’t fall for this old gimmick.

Home Job Manual continues with non-stop deceptive claims and overstatements of how much money one can make with them. Such claims like the one about work at home mom, Melissa Johnson, who makes an incredulous $8,000 a month.

It’s the identical layout featuring a thriving stay at home mom who works from home you see on so many of these scams.

Home Job Manual work from home program is a sham, and as soon as it’s taken down, another just like it will rear its ugly head, complete with fake check for $8,000+, faked news video, company shill comments and the vague claim, “as seen on media” next to news channels’ logos.

The true problem with Home Job Manual and other similar sites is that it only leads you to a boiler room operation that will do their best to drain you of as much money as they can with their “business coaching” programs that can run in the tens of thousands! Beware and avoid.

If you can believe that is actually true, and if you sign up and pay for Home Job Manual, then it is true in a way. The person running this scam IS making lots of money in no time at all by getting people to fall for this scam. Unfortunately, you won’t be the person making the 8k monthly.

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