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Home Income University

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Home Income University – Scam Review

Home Income University, by Michelle Withrow and found at is another drop ship marketing “training program”, which is a slight variation of the Work At Home University scam. By slight, I mean all that has changed is the name.

Home Income University includes the same “inspiring story” by Michelle Withrow, a fictional character made to look like a work at home mother complete with stock photo from a public images site, fabricated earnings statement and phony comments from nonexistent people.

Home Income University ludicrous claim that you can make almost 400 a day by working only an hour a day without having experience or skills is just ridiculous, especially since they don’t quite tell you the actual truth about drop shipping marketing.

The Home Income University scam model used is known as Auction Listing or drop ship marketing. And the lure is that they claim you will become an Auction List Agent through their program, even though you can learn all the information they offer for free on many other sites including eBay.

They want you to pay a fee of $97.00 to register, then when you try to exit they offer it at $77. So you decide to continue, then when you try to exit again, they offer it for $47! Desperation demands desperate measures, so it would seem. They want whatever they can wrangle out of you, for the next steps in their scheme, detailed below. Before I explain their worst, here are a couple of issues to point out.

First, Home Income University has a very conditional refund policy, with the restrictions. The policy says you will only get a refund if you followed their course to the letter. Most people will never get their money back. Read the other disclaimers for more slithery legal terminology that would absolve them of their wrongdoings.

Next, you should know that there is no such thing as a certification to sell anything. This is not a real university, and there is no valid “online school degree” for work from home business opportunities. This is a contrivance to deceive those who don’t know any better, those desperate to work from home and looking for some sort of short cut.

Now for the worst if you happen to sign up, expect to have their boiler room operation team aggressively call you to try and get you to pay for more expensive “business coaching” courses. Expect that Home Income University will sell your data to their third party partner companies. Expect a mountain of calls and emails to try and wear you down.

Expect the worst from this lot. The truth, as I said earlier, they fail to mention is that there are so many people out there selling their stuff on eBay. So with the Doba fees and competitive pricing you must set in order to make a sale, you’ll be lucky to earn a small bit of income, unlike what Home Income University claims you would make.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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