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Home Income Pros

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Type of Business: Link Posting Scam
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Home Income Pros Scam Review

Home Income Pros, by Karen James and found at, is a redirect to a scam we just exposed. This must mean we may just be doing our job well here. We have them on the run, and we’re doing it for you with utmost pleasure.

The scammers are growing lazier in their hubris. All Home Income Pros did this time was build a new landing page for the same scam we covered on Home Income Kit not very long ago. It would be hilarious if what they do wasn’t so larcenous. If you didn’t read about it I will go over salient points to beware of.

Once again, the warning signs of a scam are still there, including the news channels’ logos that Home Income Pros (Kit) hopes make you think they are endorsed by them. They are not, I can assure you, and so do they, even, in their disclaimer – which I’m sure they also hope you’ll never read.

There’s also the fictional work from home mom and the imaginary tale the scammers made up to exert an emotional response from you, especially if you really ARE a working mother looking for something better.

Home Income Pros do that in hopes you get inspired enough to turn over your personal data and bank account number. Once you do, you’re in for an unending torment of spam overload and high pressure sales calls to waste even more of your hard earned cash.

This one does differ a little from the usual scam tricks. Instead of the overused phony news clip, Home Income Pros (Kit) hired a voice-over actress to perform the Karen James role on the audio part of the bogus earnings statement video.

The fact that scammers care so little that they only change the landing page and company name title just to drive you to the scam we reviewed tells you something. They are out for your money any way possible with minimal effort used.

Be sure to read disclosers on any business like Home Income Pros so you know what you’re up against. No content you see on the pages before the payment page has any truth to it whatsoever. They tell you this in the disclaimer.

Home Income Pros is what we’ve come to call a link posting scam. No one ever really makes any real money doing this, contrary to what Home Income Pros claims. That is why they call you to upsell you to what they tell you is a better program.

I could say more about all the red flags to watch out for, but I’m sure you get the point get away from the train wreck that is Home Income Pros, also known as Home Income Kit, as far as humanly possible, and we’ll let you know each time they change it up.

At this point, I’d like to thank readers who find some of these scams before we do and let us know about them to review. It’s nice when we all work together to try and make the internet a safe place to do real honest business in.

Thanks for reading

– David


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