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Home Income Program

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Home Income Program Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Income Program”, by Amanda Jones and found at, is another one of those terrible link posting scams that has been copied over and over since the dawn of the internet.

Where there is opportunity there are also predators. However, where there are predators there will always be watchdogs like us for example.

We have been reporting scams like Home Income Program since we started years ago, and the one constant in this is that the design for these scams never changes.

Only the URL links and the fictional moms’ names seem to change once they’ve been exposed. Yet once exposed, they bring another scam up from the rear like so much cannon fodder.

Home Income Program is another that like all the others seems to offer no vital information on what you would be participating in to make the vast sums of money they claim you’ll make with them.

Home Income Program makes those unsubstantiated claims; they withhold facts, falsify income check examples and even post fake testimonials from people that do not exist.

Only the scammers who run this rip off site, Home Income Program, make the tons of money they claim you will make.

Home Income Program uses the typical scammer gimmick, “only job 2 positions available in your area”, then they direct you right to the buy page without no details beforehand. There is no job position at all.

Another aspect of the Home Income Program scam website design makes it look legitimate by placing unauthorized news logos at the top of the page.

Take time to read the disclaimers at the bottom to see that the news networks have absolutely nothing to do with Home Income Program.

Even if you unfortunately pay for Home Income Program, they will still not tell you everything you have to do to make money with their program.

That is because the real Home Income Program modus operandi is about getting their boiler room dogs to pressure you into buying more expensive upsells.

These upsells are for completely worthless business training programs once they have vitals like your phone number, and they often tell you that what you just singed up and paid for won’t make you all that successful.

The scam salespeople like to throw around phony titles and certification programs like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent to impress you with.

All they really want is your credit card info so they can take swindle as much as they can out of you without your knowledge until you catch on.

The Online Cash scam sales team works aggressively to up-sell you to more expensive programs that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Any rip off site that claims you can make hundreds of dollars a day with no experience or skills necessary is selling you a phony dream.

About the fictional character Amanda Jones. There is no such person, especially one that is the “number one home business expert in America”.

Scams like Home Income Program contrive these fake working mothers to bring out emotional impulses from you so you jump at their story and pay the $97 to join and continue to pay that monthly for absolutely nothing in return.

The most shameful part of this link posting scheme is that Home Income Program preys on the newcomers who are desperate to work from home.

When you realize Home Income Program is a scam and try to get a refund you will also find out there is none to be had. Read the fine print.

It’s a 60 day policy with so many restrictions made to confuse and frustrate you. They keep a gaggle of lawyers handy just for that game.

Just imagine all the people that lose their join fee plus fees few months in and you can see how they are raking in the cash.

If you go as far as signing up and giving Online Income your personal data, be prepared to be inundated by endless calls and emails from the third party partners Online Income shares your information with.

We receive lots comments and letters from so many people who have been ripped off by Home Income Program and predecessor scams like it.

We do not like getting those, but we keep on exposing these tricksters in hope that someday they will be caught and dealt with.

Do not fall for this scam, Home Income Program, please.

Thanks for reading

– David


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