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Home Income Package

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Home Income Package Scam Review

by David Harris

Home Income Package, owned by Ethan Anderson and found at, features notorious fictional mother, Katie Jenkins, whom the site claims works from home making about $257 a day with no skills.

We’re here to debunk this wired myth and much more.

It may be that the “Home Income Package” could be advertised on news channels, but many of these ‘work from home’ cons are advertised on radio and TV.

However, they try to deceive you with several ploys.

Home Income Package uses the standard trick of including logos from TV networks, news shows, and Google to bump up their credibility.

It’s all absolutely meaningless and serves no purpose but to hook you in.

That and the sense of urgency they try to generate by making you think there are only a few positions left to sign up for.

The high-pressure sales tactics begin here, but you can see inconsistencies in their statements if you a really careful.

Home Income Package claims they want their system to be small and private, yet ‘Home Income Package’ later says they promote the business throughout 150 countries.

If it’s so small why would they say they helped hundreds of thousands of people since they started?

The premise Home Income Package starts with is a model called link posting, and they say you’ll work for Google.

However, Google never hires anyone to post ad links ever, and they do not pay nor hire people to work from their home.

Their disclaimer even says they are not with Google, nor endorsed by them.

You can’t tell what it is that Home Income Package is selling on their main page.

That’s because they are busy using every trick in the book to make look and exciting, like with fake testimonials from people whose photos you can find in stock photo websites for sale.

One of the problems is that the information Home Income Package hands out is pretty basic and kind of obsolete.

It doesn’t include adequate facts or instructions to help you succeed in affiliate marketing nor link posting.

There are so many things needed to know about this industry that you have to be armed with in order to even make a modest extra income.

The reality is you need to know how to find the market, how to drive traffic, and how to convert visitors to buyers.

The Home Income Package system is a total rip-off designed to get you hustled into the ‘coaching program’ sales floor to get as much money from you as possible for little to nothing in return.

Home Income Package’s aggressive salespeople know well how to get money from the inexperienced and eager.

There are so many complaints online about Home Income Package’s tactics and lack of decent customer service.

There are angry folks who have registered their grievances about not getting their money back and the runaround they get when trying.

I suggest you avoid dealing with Home Income Package or you will be filled with much regret as your wallet is being emptied by the many things you have to pay out for to get your business going with them.

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Dear David,

Thanks for your informative review on Home Income Package. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

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