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Home Earning System

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Home Earning System Review

by David Harris

“Home Earning System”, by Kelly Richards and found at, is a link posting scam.

It replaces the infamous fake working mom story with a fake mom video.

The story is still the same, but it’s now recited on video by a paid actress cast as the fictional character Kelly Richards.

We have previously reviewed other scams with this made-up “top internet marketing consultant”.

It’s clear that the public stock images of her in each scam is as different as the woman playing her in the video.

So, she, along with everything you hear coming out of her, is a lie.

Along with anything you read on the sales page.

The real truth is told in the disclaimers at the bottom of the website pages.

Everything above is refuted in the legalese they use to cover their bases.

Even though the task at hand is to advertise affiliate links to their products or lead generation sign ups, etc.

This particular scam will never make you any money.

Home Earning System and other clone site scams like it are designed to target those who know nothing about affiliate marketing or link posting.

All these newbies want is to be able to work online from home and make a ton of money doing as little as possible.

And this scam knows just how to entice them.

They dangle the free trial gimmick but what they fail to mention is that the trial starts when you give them your bank card info.

Not when they send you their so called materials.

By the time you get them you realize it’s not what you’d hoped for and the trial is over.

The billing then goes up to full price of almost $140 plus a monthly fee of about $5.

Then they have you buy another product with promises of more money to be made.

They do this with product after product until the bleed you for as much as they can.

So far, many newcomers are out hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of pocket before they even see a dime, which they won’t ever see.

Home Earning System also leaves out the part about all these materials are either not legal and certainly unethical.

But also outdated and unworkable.

By the time you realize this the refund on the trial period is over for them all and you are charged to the fullest for them without any hope for refunds.

You will not find mention of any of these fees and conditions on the sales presentation video or anywhere in print.

Except in the fine print of the terms and conditions legal clauses.

It is correctly assumed by the scammers that nobody ever reads those things so tricking people into buying more of their useless junk is easy for them.

Many people have complained of spending tens of thousands of dollars before they wake up to the scam but by then it is way too late.

The boiler room sales cretins who work you even go as far as to suggest taking out a loan to pay for the more expensive up-sell scams.

The best recourse when it’s too late is to alert the bank to request canceling the account altogether as the scammers drain more than just continual monthly fees.

This is a losing and dangerous venture, and no matter what happens even if you’re smart enough to cancel it before the trial is over, they still have your email address.

These scammers will bombard it with endless scam offers.

And may even try to hack into it for your contacts so they can send them spam under your account address.

If your friends open those up it makes them vulnerable to the same phishing practice and it goes on and on.

It’s difficult for newcomers to recognize the scam because all they want is the mansions, luxury cars and big boats splattered on the sales page while the actress is doing her best to motivate you to join.

The scammers make it even harder to spot the scam.

Because if you try to find reviews of it you will see a massive amount of fake positive reviews posted.

All done by them which tend to push real critiques down in the rankings.

It is without a doubt a huge scam that will only enrich the crooks running it.

Stay far away from Home Earning System.

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It’s not surprising it is a scam. The man asked me how many credit cards I have, as well as how much credit limit is on them. Why is that even important? I just want to make money and how much credit I have available should have no bearing on this business. I told him I am not comfortable sharing that information with him. And, really, WHO is this man?!!! I don’t know him. I admit to paying $97 to ‘join’ but I lost that. Too bad. I am just glad I wised-up before I did anything. He says he was in Utah (lol, the scam capital). The comment is DON’T DO IT!


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