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Home Cash System

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Home Cash System Scam Review

Home Cash System, by “Jennifer Becker” and found at, is another fake work from home scam rearing its ugly head. Although they have changed the design of this one a little bit, all the contents of the usual suspects are all here.

At the very top you see the News channel logos that neither ever endorsed these cretins nor will you see any ads about them there. Then you see the ‘one position available in your area’ ploy right below. There is no position. Home Cash System is not a job.

As soon as we expose these scams another one takes its place. We will tirelessly continue to report them in hopes that you don’t get ripped off. Right below that is the fake number one consultant, this time, Jennifer Becker, who does not exist, at least not in our industry.

Then there’s the outrageous claim that you can make almost four hundred dollars per day with Home Cash System. It is simply not true. They do not certify, prove or guarantee anything. Well, one thing, really. The only one making this money is the scammer.

Scammers who run these cons take people’s money and shut them down before they can be traced. So the next statement below that claims they close the page when they’ve filled all the positions is also a lie.

Then there’s the tired old fake news clip they rehash every time. As if you won’t recognize it over and over again. It’s their hope some new sucker comes along and takes the bait.

Sadly, there are many desperate people out there to make money off of to continue the scam. They follow all that with the heart wrenching note from the fictional “work from home mom” about how she cam across this amazing opportunity.

Then there are the phony testimonials from non-existent people next to stock photos you can find on any stock image sites.

The worst thing about this scam is how they call those who take the bait and pressure them into buying more useless programs, sometimes stealing tens of thousands from people. These coaching programs never amount to anything.

Don’t believe the fake checks, income statements and other gimmcks on the rest of the page. In fact, don’t believe anything you see on Home Cash System will ever help you succeed. Don’t. It’s a scam among scams.

Thanks for reading

– David


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