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Home Cash Profits

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Home Cash Profits – Scam Review

Home Cash Profits by Anne Williams and found at, is another “Home Cash” scam site that uses the scammer tested & approved technique of placing news logos on Home Cash Profits front page to make you think they are legit.

In fact, Home Cash Profits goes so far as to advertise their crooked scheme on fake MSNBC pages they fabricate and spam your emails with. I’m sure you’ve seen them. If you were interested enough to come to this review of them, then you have. If not let me explain.

Home Cash Profits link takes you to a phony MSNBC website. It’s not endorsed by them and it’s done so often by these crooks that I’m sure the news companies have gotten tired of going after them. Soon as it’s taken down, up comes the next one to quickly replace it.

To add to this larceny, the name Anne Williams is a complete fabrication and placed next to a stock photo you will find somewhere like Ghetty Images. She doesn’t exist, so if you try to get your money back from her it will be a lost cause.

In fact, one of the biggest issues people complain about on the rip off sites and other forums is how “Home Cash Profits” keeps on taking your money out without your knowledge.

Long after you’ve given them your info, they will do their very best to drain your bank accounts. It’s what companies like this do.

Home Cash Profits says lots of money can be made by going with them. Unfortunately, it’s your money they making lots from, and not you making with them.

Although they have trusted site safe browsing logos on their page, these too are fraudulent. You can’t even click on them. This should have tipped you off right off the bat.

As one of the worst perpetrations on the internet this side of the Nigerian diamond mine scam, this is something you should definitely not sign up for. Unless of course you don’t mind giving your money away for nothing but heartache in return.

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– David


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