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Home Career Starter – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Career Starter”, by Michelle Robinson found at is one of those irksome link posting scams we are always finding and exposing endlessly.

The Home Career Starter intro page is just like all the others, including the unauthorized use of network news logos at the top as if they find this appalling deception to be acceptable.

Home Career Starter uses the usual urgent call to action bullet points such as “start immediately” and “no prior experience or skills needed”, etc., to lure you in.

It is ludicrous that there are no descriptions or details to be found anywhere on the Home Career Starter site as to what you would be doing to earn the big money they claim you’d make with them.

The promise of an “unveiled $500 dollar guaranteed payout” at the top of the Home Career Starter site will never come to light.

That is more than likely their payout to themselves out of your pockets and you will never make extra money working from home this way.

However, the page after you opt-in to Home Career Starter is poorly thought out, as it directs you to buy their terrible scheme immediately, still without any explanation of how you can make money from home with it.

No real self respecting, legitimate and honest business practices such unscrupulous deception just to get money out of people.

Usually, this scam comes with a “rags to riches” story from some fictional single working mother but this time around Home Career Starter decided to do away with all the trimmings and get right down to the swindle.

Home Career Starter would have you pay about a hundred of your precious dollars to them before they tell you why, and that is a terrible business model in any business world.

If you aren’t already aware of scams like Home Career Starter, they might look enticing, but you can see all these red flags I point out.

The overstated allegation of big payouts from Home Career Starter without you needing any experience or skills is also a big red flag to watch out for.

The reason is that when you work a link posting business promoting different ads for many different companies, you are paid by those third party ‘partners’ of Home Career Starter in checks of much smaller amounts.

But really the only one making the big money is the scammer who puts these sites up. It’s difficult to tell who it may really be, as sites like these are almost always hidden by proxy.

Trying to earn a living from link posting, or, posting ads for different companies that pay you if someone clicks on the link and buys something is really tough.

You can make some money with companies that use legitimate affiliated marketing approaches, but there are not many around like that, and scammers like Home Career Starter are far from real and honest.

The real scam behind this tactic is so that Home Career Starter can get all your personal information, including your financials like credit card and such, into their database.

Home Career Starter wants all that for several nefarious reasons. One, they will take money right out of your account without your consent or knowledge.

Two, so they can resell your personal info to third party clients so they can spam you with their equally horrible offers, and three is as bad as one.

Three, Home Career Starter will release the boiler room hounds on you to get you to spend lots more on their useless upsells.

They also try to trick you with phony job titles like search engine agent program, and fake certifications called Wealth Development Consultant Certificate.

These Home Career Starter salespeople are notoriously aggressive and unfortunately very effective in draining unsuspecting newcomers out of their money.

Those who have been taken by these scammers have all attested that they have been scammed to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Another red flag I found was rather silly but indicative of the deception that Home Career Starter practices.

In the Contact Us section, they provide an address. This fake address goes to a business park that issues suites to their tenants.

You won’t find a suite number on the Home Career Starter address listed as 12100 NE 195th St. Bothell, WA, 98011.

I checked around that business park and there was nothing listed for the owners of Home Career Starter.

I was not surprised by this. It’s just par for the course for these scammers.

I advise all to stay as far away from Home Career Starter as humanly possible.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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