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Home Business System Scam Review

by David Harris

Online Home Business System with Edward Harris is just another generic, thrown together link posting scam designed to take your money. 

I know their claim is that they are going to make you money, but Home Business System is just trying to convince you they are the real deal long enough to separate you from your hard earned money.

The big header on their page says “Online Home Business System”, with a claim that in the next 60 seconds they can give you an opportunity to make up to $377 a week if, of course, Home Business System’s limited opportunity still has availability in your area. 

Should I spoil the surprise?…

Home Business System will have one – wait a second…

TWO opportunities left in your area! 


You might want to know the actual address for the fictitious Edward Harris’s “Home Business System” (which is what your tab would show) or “Online Home Business System” (which is what the company is called on the top of their site) is actually 

Going to brings you to the same site. 

If you were to put a “.com” behind either of the other mentioned “system names”, one is an available domain and the other is a different, unrelated scam. 

And in Edward’s cliche’d “I am a regular guy who found a ways to be wealthy beyond my imagination” story, his system is purportedly called his “Home Business System Program”. 

This is all a common practice for companies like this – just throw as many “cool sounding” keywords out there as you can. 

Perhaps they can get some money from people thinking one of those variations is a legitimate opportunity they had heard of?

Back to the “opportunity”. 

Once you sign up to get more information by giving them your name, phone, and email address (don’t do it!), “Edward” tells you in less than 60 seconds how to make as much as $87 an hour! 

Wait… $87 an hour?! 

Awesome, right? 

60 seconds before that they were “only” going to tell you how to make up to $377 a week! 

Shoot… now you’ll make that in less than 4 1/2 hours – this must be getting even better, huh?!

That would be nice. 

If only it were true.

The video you get after you give your information is a real ABC News video from reporter Tanya Rivero on a segment called “Good Money” as well as reporter Stacy Johnson that has a real news segment called “Money Talks”. 

Whether they are real news stories or not, they have absolutely nothing to do with Home Business System or it’s “opportunity”

Many of these scams originate from fake news site, so they are just trying to carry the theme over.

Speaking of money, you supposedly get two thousand dollars worth of stuff from the famous work at home consultant Edward Harris. 

(Haven’t heard of him?  Right… you haven’t.  Because he’s fictitious, remember?) 

But since “Edward” is such a nice guy and it’s a hobby to him, he’s able to give it to you for only $199! 

But wait!  Edward’s financial strategist came up with a system that allows you to get it today only for $97! 

If you click to buy it, by the way, it tells you the original price was $197.95 – not $199. 

Just another example of how the numbers change… though their intent is simply to get whatever they can from you.

If you enter all your credit card info, you will be charged that $97. 

If you decide not to do it and try to close the window, you will get it offered for $77.95.  If you still decide against it and try to close out again, your new “one time offer” cost is $47.95. 

So your “reward” for being thrifty is to get $2,000 worth of stuff for less than 50 bucks!  Well, a scam is a scam.

They go through the usual “here’s how much people are spending buying products online” lines; even pointing out 60% of Americans make purchases online. 

Yet Online Home Business System is owned by Endellion Inter Ltd., which is actually from the United Kingdom.

So I checked out Endellion Inter Ltd.  

The listed director of Endellion Inter Ltd. is Agnes Jouaneau. 

A check on Agnes Jouaneau has her listed now or at one point as the director of 59 companies! 

14 of those companies she is listed as having been dissolved; and 5 of them show Ms. Jouaneau as having resigned. 

47 of the 59 companies listed the same exact address as Endellion Inter Ltd. – including companies currently operational, dissolved, or ones she resigned as director. 

Ms. Jouaneau is currently listed as the current director of 40 currently operational companies, including Endellion. 

She became the director of every one of these companies between 2008 and now.

Does the fact someone could be a director of so many companies in such a short time frame – most with an address at the exact same location – mean in and of itself a company is a scam? 


But common sense seems to suggest this is at least a red flag. 

Especially when you consider nearly a quarter of the companies she “directed” dissolved in less than 4 years. 

Plus, a brief search of several of the other companies Ms. Jouaneau was director of showed fairly consistent complaints from people who signed up that they got ripped off. 



I’d say unlikely.

OK… back to this one though. 

Here is another red flag regarding the Online Home Business System site. 

When you get to the point you’d like to pay, it assures you it’s a trusted, safe, secure site and has several “pictures” saying things such as security verified, privacy verified, business verified, and a couple showing TRUSTe and Verisign secured.  That would be a good thing if it were real. 

But click on those and you should get the company’s actual verifications and details of authenticity. 

Click them from this site and what do you get?… nothing! 

That’s like having a picture of a large dog in your yard being proof that your house is more secure! 

(I wouldn’t recommend that.)

The only thing you can be assured of is if you decide to give them your money, they will indeed take it.

They’re covered. 

In their disclaimer they tell you the pictures of the people making testimonials are not their actual photos.  Nor can they verify the statements. 

They say they do not imply using their system will increase your revenues. 

That I believe. 

Yes, I know disclaimers have to point out they cannot guarantee anything, really – and that your results would entirely be based on your effort.

But if I were you I would not bother putting your effort – or your money – into Online Home Business System by Edward Harris. 

They do not have a valuable product or company. 

They just have a desire to take your money.  Don’t give it to them!

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So glad this is up here. They just called me, and I immediately placed the business name in a search engine while I was on the phone with them, and this is the first page that popped up. I asked the woman who called if this was the same “business” that required money up front to get the information, and as soon as she said “yes, you invest money in your own home business” I knew it was a scam. You don’t pay people for jobs… that is pretty much the OPPOSITE of what you’re trying to do when looking for work. Thank you for this information!


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