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Home Business Connection

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Home Business Connection

by David Harris

“Home Business Connection”, found at, is a print and online magazine designed for advertising internet marketing and online business ventures, many of which are unsavory, to say the least.

Upon perusing through the online version of the Home Business Connection periodical I noticed there were many of the work from home scams we have reviewed here in the past.

This won’t take long. Beware Home Business Connection.It is the epitome of junk mail.

I only wish I cold send this review to all those unfortunate people who Home Business Connection mailed copies to.

A couple of things are tied for worst aspect of this scam. One, they are trying to get people to subscribe to Home Business Connection for about six bucks an issue!

The other is the volume of horrendous home business scams littering this shameful publication.

Scams such as the old envelope stuffing scam and multi-level marketing companies that will get you broke and nowhere quick.

In the midst of all the get poor quick schemes, I really tried to find something worthwhile through the pages of Home Business Connection. It was an exercise in futility.

Home Business Connection is like a lair where all the evil villains of all the comic books ever would live and plot to ruin you.

I had to see just how many people registered complaints online about this skuzzy monthly and I was not surprised to find endless negative comments without searching very hard at all.

I could go on and on, and have a really good time making fun of this rag, but truth is that many people new to this industry could fall for any of the awful rip off scams disgracing the pages a poor tree gave its life for.

Worst of all is that Home Business Connection tries and sneak in a fake article here and there using well known and respected marketers to give them a whiff of legitimacy.

Fish wrapping and birdcage lining are too good for this appalling excuse for a magazine.

Home Business Connection is a scam of epic proportions.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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