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Home Based Business 7 Scam Review

By David Harris

Home Based Business 7, by Melissa Johnson and found at, is another of the infamous fake news sites. These are horrible work from home business scams that pop up and never seem to end as soon as the previous one is taken down.

The Home Based Business 7 con involves the single mom that makes eight thousand dollars a month by just working about half an hour at home from her computer. That’s the setup to the link posting scam bait and switch game.

It is actually true in a way. The scammer running this crooked site, Home Based Business 7, does make lots of money in no time at all by getting people to give up their credit cards. You need to know that you’re not going to be the one to make that big money, if anything at all.

The single mom in this story does not exist. That is a stock photo right above the fake check, and Home Based Business 7 is a clone scam.

Then there are the confounding headers like Weekly Jobs Report, Work At Home Jobs Report, Home Based Business and Jobs Careers Report. They threw in the kitchen sink to baffle you with dazzle, but the truth is that Based Business 7 is far from being a job.

You must beware of the tricky misnomers that scams like Home Based Business 7 use to pull unsuspecting people in. Job titles like Search Engine Agent and fake degrees that say Wealth Development Certification Program that don’t exist anywhere in real life.

The link it takes you to shows a fictitious “millionaire author” named “Cindy Carter” and she also does not exist. Actually, the real Carter is a translator of Chinese family health books. The link is where the nightmare takes off.

It will take you to Online Profit Streams. Based Business 7 is designed to look like a genuine news site that looks like it reports an amazing new job opportunity. It is not.

Based Business 7 is replete with testimonials and fake checks and calculators that “show you” how much you can make with this business. These are the ploys to bring you in, and it might even appear convincing, but it’s not real.

The moment that you try to exit Based Business 7, a pop up window will offer the same $197 product for $78 and goes down every time you try to exit. The lure to make easy money from home seems enticing by making you think you might save more money. If it’s too good to be true then it really is in this case.

Based Business 7 continues with non-stop deceptive claims and overstatements of how much money one can make with them. Melissa Johnson, who makes an incredulous $8,000 a month is so ludicrous that if it didn’t steal so many people’s money it would be laughable.

The real problem with Home Based Business 7 and others like it is that it only leads you to a boiler room operation that does their very best to drain you of as much money as they can with their “business coaching” program upsells that can run in the tens of thousands!

Just don’t even go there. Based Business 7 is a terrible grift.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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