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Type of Business: Ponzi Scheme
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by David Harris

Get My Ads by Frank Hanson and found at, is basically a Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are illegal in the U.S. Scammers to have a way of trying to get around that.

It has many negative points.

For one, the owner used a fake name, Morgan Lewis, on his own Facebook page, which he later changed, so it can be looked at also as a Facebook scam.

Not to mention he got over 2,000 friends there in less than 2 months.

Why that’s not suspicious at all

Another suspicious thing is that although GetMyAds say they’re based in Hong Kong.

In the Terms disclosures, they are registered in the Philippines while the owner is in Panama.

Furthermore, the website is located in the Netherlands while its holdings company is in Seychelles, off the coast of Africa.

Did you follow all that?

There’s more!

Meanwhile, on his Facebook page, Hanson listed his own residence location as The Virgin Islands.

And a little less than half their traffic comes from Germany, according to some traffic analysis sites.

What may be truer than all this is that certain investigators are of the opinion that this scam may be run by infamous conmen Martin Schranz & Thomas Wos.

While all of this may be confusing, it is meant to be for certain reasons.

The main one is to keep the authorities guessing.

A catch me if you can sort of thing.

For another, there really are no products involved in this thinly veiled ad buy scheme.

The pretense of selling ads is to lure people in to pay into the program and bring more people in and so on.

But as in all pyramid and Ponzi schemes, the scammers will pull the rug out from under you when they’ve taken as much money as you’re going to give.

I say give because you will never really make any money with them.

We have tried to find any top earners who can report otherwise and none have come forward.

GetMyAds claims they’ve paid out over 14 million to their earners.

Yet not one has shouted their praises other than on obvious company shill fake review sites.

The company also claims they are among the top in the online ad business.

Yet they are only about a year old and none of their claims and what we’ve discovered so far adds up.

At some point, the Ponzi model eventually dries up and the operator takes everyone’s earnings with them.

Just examine the legend Bernie Madoff and what he did.

However, this guy’s being trickier by obfuscating his name and locations as he pleases so catching him would be a challenge.

Bernie was dumb enough to stay in the US when he got caught.

We’ve already found several complaints of members not getting their wire transfers completed within the times allotted.

And thus having to repeat the process over again before they realize they’ll never get paid.

If none of this has convinced you to pass on this Euro scam styled scheme then maybe this might help.

I won’t dignify explaining their “compensation plan” but I will give you a brief summation of the overview.

They claim GetMyAds takes 40% of your $50 dollar investment to join to payback current investors before you came along.

And returns paid out are at 1% or more daily depending on new investors.

That is a plain definition of a Ponzi Scheme.

Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Avoid this scam like the plague that it is.

Get My Ads will turn ugly pretty soon, so still, steer clear of it.

Thanks for reading the scam review

– David



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