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Get More Free Time

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Get More Free Time Review

by David Harris

“Get More Free Time”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a rip-off web site using what’s known as the link posting scam.

There are several design varieties of the scam, but the common clone design they use is of what’s known as the fake mom kind.

This means that this is a particular type of scam that features the fictional story of a fake working mom whose name.

And overused generic public image website photo appears time and time again.

There’s is a lot more to it, of course, so we’ll begin first with the “company title” names these scammers come up with.

Get More Free Time is not a name, but more a way to not rank so well so the scammers can try to keep under the radar.

So right off the bat, we are dealing with deceptive practices.

The next warning sign is the use of news organizations’ logos.

They are placed at the top of these scams without approval from the networks and newspapers.

The vague ‘as seen on TV’ slogan above them does not actually say that Get More Free Time has specifically been advertised in the media.

But it’s job is to deceive you into thinking that it is.

The first page, called the opt-in, or sign in, page is a tactic to get access to your email account.

This is so they can bombard you with endless spam from the third party clients to which they sell your info.

It is also highly suspected that there may be what’s called phishing involved as well.

That is a hacking practice that makes it possible for scammers to get information from your account.

Usually, they want your contacts’ emails so they can spam them using your email account.

So it’s best to not give them your primary email when opting in.

Once you’ve opted in they take you to the sales page.

This page is where they use every deceitful trick in their arsenal to buy into Get More Free Time.

There are no other pages to navigate around with and everything on that page will take you immediately to the buy page.

This is without telling you what it is you would be doing to earn so much money.

We will go over some of the warning signs to watch out for throughout the sales page in this review.

First, the unfounded and deceitful claims that you will be certified and guaranteed to make $379 per day minimum with no skills, experience working only an hour a day.

Nobody can boast this, let alone these scams.

If it’s to good to be true it most likely is.

Still, this is not the only lie on this rip-off site.

The positions left gimmick is supposed to make you think you might be up for some job position.

It is not to be believed.

The video clip is stolen from a network affiliate without authorization and you will notice no mentions at all of Get More Free Time or any other of these scams in the segment.

Then you see the story (fake) and photo (public stock image) about a fictional woman named Kelly Simmons who just doesn’t exist in real life.

At least in the online home business world.

There are other photo tricks including the mansion, sports car and big boat, and the fake check, credit card statement, and phony images next to the shill comments.

The comments in the “testimonials” aren’t real or from actual people either.

And the FTC had ruled against these scammers doing this yet they continue perpetrating this shady action.

There is another lie, out of many, but this one is a caption in all caps and red stating she found her “dream home job”.

This scam is not a job site and there are no jobs to be had.

This is a very risky and unsound way to make money from home online with internet marketing.

In fact, this really is a ploy to get you in so the boiler room salespeople.

And I use the term loosely, can go after as much money as they can.

They dare to call these sales swindlers “internet wealth experts” who will do a one on one consultation” with you.

But it’s nothing more than a sales call.

They’ll use gimmicks like fake certifications like Wealth Development Certifications and Search Engine Agent Programs to make it sound legitimate.

But they’re not real things.

They will do their very best to upsell you to more expensive ‘business training’ programs that are truly worthless and only leave you broke.

SO many people write to us and lodge complaints in other open forums about how these scammers have conned up to tens of thousands of dollars out of them.

This horror is truly a scam that won’t give you any more free time when you try to get your money back.

There is no getting your money back, only canceling your bank account and starting over.

You will want to stay as far as you can from this nightmare. Get More Free Time is as bad as scams get.

Thanks for reading the scam review

– David



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