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Fortune Education 365

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Fortune Education 365 Review

Fortune Education 365 claims, on, that anyone can make up to $87 per hour “within 5 minutes.”

That statement is not true, as a beginner anyway, because this type of work takes a lot of time to understand the method to earning at that rate eventually.

That is assuming that this business is legitimate, which it’s not.

Fortune Education 365 has logos of national news outlets on its main page trying to plant the idea that they’ve been endorsed by them.

Their disclaimer says that “work from home opportunities have been featured” on those news outlets a vague statement evading the issue that it may not necessarily include Fortune Education’s own home opportunity.

This is very misleading and a definite warning. I also doubt that there is a real Alyssa Jensen would endorse Fortune Education 365, but they use her name in the ad site,, that takes you to the company site.

Fortune Education 365 does not explain what they will teach you before they want you to opt-in, or register your information, first, but even legitimate businesses do this, so this isn’t the biggest concern.

The principal warning I found in my search for Fortune Education 365’s domain website registry shows that the site has only been up since May 29th 2012, which as of this writing is only about a month ago.

This is not enough time for a work from home business to make the claims that they put on their front page, which is also a clue that it may be a scam. It may be that this group may be changing business names to avoid showing up on the searches with negative reviews.

It’s also registered by proxy.

Often, when websites are registered through a domain proxy, you can be sure the owner is trying to conceal their true identity. This can be another indicator that this “business opportunity” may be a rip off.

However, the deciding factor for me is the infamous check these scammers keep showing everywhere. The same gray colored check you might have seen on other get rich quick scam sites, with the same check number and a different amount every time!

They change it to a different name every time, as if no one would notice! Then there are the many Fortune Education 365 “members’” comments claiming they’re making tons of money, but you never see the peoples’ photos, but even if they did show them they would likely only be stock photos of models.

Several complaints have been filed stating that when the people called requesting their money back, the order takers for Fortune Education 365 disconnected them when they said they were transferring the call to their customer service department.

Upon calling back, the number would be busy for hours afterward indicating that they blocked the caller’s number.

It all adds up to a very suspicious venture. I would stay very far away from Fortune Education 365.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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