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Financial Independence Academy

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Financial Independence Academy Review

by David Harris

Financial Independence Academy by AB Anderson and found at is not an academy of any kind.

The scammers operating this scheme won’t just NOT teach or help you ways to make money online.

But they run a racket called the link posting scam.

This scam is based on the longest-running bait and switch con since the internet was invented.

Financial Independence Academy claims it’s a “unique work from home business opportunity”.

It’s a claim by which no self-respecting genuine academy would ever utter.

If you don’t catch on that it’s no school at all by this red flag, fear not there are plenty more.

By implying that you can make gobs of money with very little time investment.

And no skills or experience very quickly.

I would say that is one of the biggest red flags at Financial Independence Academy.

Besides the red flags, there are omissions and lies littering all over the presentation page.

Omissions are carefully left out through evasive hype tactics and such.

Lies that make this swindle appealing to those who don’t know much about online marketing.

Yet are desperate to make money from home with online jobs.

Unfortunately, Financial Independence Academy is not a job nor a good way to make money from home.

And it is definitely NOT a school, university, or academy.

Furthermore, they also redirect you to the fee page for Work At Home EDU, aka WAHEDU.

This is an infamous link posting scam we have reviewed previously as well.

All of these sites are identical in design.

Financial Independence Academy claims you can make thousands of dollars a week by posting random ads online.

Every single one of them is deceiving as complete and certain ripoffs.

If you cannot take our word for it just look online for complaints about them because there are plenty from angry customers/victims who went broke.

It’s bad enough that they charge you $97.00 then down to 47 dollars after you try to exit.

You will not get your money back either, as there is no support or help after you give them your money.

Worse, they will continue to deduct more from your bank card afterward without you knowing it.

The only thing you can do to recover is to cancel the bank account and card tied to the purchase you made with Financial Independence Academy.

In case you are wondering, the guy on the presentation page is also fictional.

There is no AB Anderson anywhere in the legitimate world of business.

Let alone being a “number 1 home business specialist”.

Do not fall for the testimonials in the fake comments section.

These people are not real either, and all photos on the site are from public stock image services.

Even worse, if you were unlucky enough to fall for it, the minute you pay and give them your contact info.

The boiler room scam salespeople will do their very best to get as much money from you as they can get.

Make no mistake, they are very good at what they do.

Just ask the large number of people who lost tens of thousands of dollars from their smooth-talking pitches.

There is no way we will ever recommend Financial Independence Academy.

In fact, we go as far as saying it is a dangerously risky scam.

Sadly, the only ones making any money from this scam are the crooks that run it and absolutely nobody else.

Stay very far away from FinancialIndependenceAcademy and the others mentioned here, too.

Thanks for reading our Financial Independence Academy review.




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Peter Gregory on :

Thank you very much for reviewing Financial Independence Academy. Now I have a much better idea of what to look out for.


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