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Finance Reports

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Finance Reports Scam Review

by David Harris

Finance Reports, by Jen Frazier, sometimes Kelly Frazier, and on other clone pages by Kelly Richards or Theresa Andrews and found at,, and, rears its ugly “work from home mom” head yet again.

Finance Reports is a clone scam sites. Nothing at all changed here, not even the logo this time. They rename the clone site every few months, or once the scam is blown, so they can keep the scam going. It is a never ending chore to go after them, but we will go after them all.

“Finance Reports” uses the same identical content, including the fake news clip and news channels’ logos placed at the top to make you think is a legitimate business venture. This is such an unbelievable rip off and you can see the red flags everywhere on this site.

The disclaimers let you know the news clip does not represent nor endorse this product. There is so much more the disclaimer disavows as to the success of Finance Reports that after reading, you will be more skeptical.

The fictional work from home mother, Theresa Andrews, is made up to draw on your emotions. When you see the other identical sites you’ll se the same exact story tied to a different fictional working mom.

What Finance Reports does not tell you up front is what you would be doing to make the exaggerated hundreds of dollars per day. Simply put, the venture is called link posting. I say venture because it is not a job, as they claim.

Link posting takes much more time, knowledge and effort than Finance Reports lets on, and you have to spend more money buy the ad space to post the ads you’ll be placing for their clients.

If you’re lucky and someone actually clicks on your link, a similar link to millions of others on other sites, you will only get paid if that someone actually buys something or opts in to whatever the client offers. The payout is not very much money either.

The part of this ‘Finance Reports’ scam the relentless calls from the aggressive sales team that works to wear you down. They will work to get you to spend preposterous amounts of money on the useless “business coaching programs” that do not serve you in any way.

Only the scammers running this scam will make any money from Finance Reports. You can be sure it will not be you, so this scam alone. So many have written to us of huge losses when getting involved with them, and we post their letters on our site.

Take their word for it. Don’t make the same mistake.

I do not recommend “Finance Reports“. It is a scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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