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Fast Traffic Formula

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Fast Traffic Formula Scam Review

Fast Traffic Formula by Adrian Morrison, found at, is yet another scheme conjured up by the Morrison clan, designed to take your money for very little useful information in return. It’s what Adrian and Anthony do, for lots and lots of good hard earned money.

It’s not so much the basic rehashed rookie info that they peddle at the start of your first payment to them, but what makes this a typical link posting scam is the horrible pressure to buy into their ridiculously overpriced upsells that really don’t help you succeed as they claim.

Like all these work from home internet marketing schemes, Fast Traffic Formula starts with about $50 bucks until you try to leave the site. Then the haggling begins and by the time you try and leave before the auto pop up window game is over, they price it at $7. It may sound like they are desperate; but really, they just need to get you in so they can sucker you out of thousands more with hackneyed “coaching programs”.

That’s the beginning of the Fast Traffic Formula endgame. The pressure their sales floor people put on you is relentless, and as soon as they figure out you either don’t have the kind of money they wish to siphon from your credit card, or that you’re wise to their act, they drop you like a hot potato, but not without at least a tart parting shot.

You might feel their sting for a moment, if you refuse them, but I can assure you they’ve already forgotten about you in pursuit of a real dummy cash cow they can really milk. Does it sound like I’m being really mean? If so, it’s because both Adrian and Anthony Morrison are wizards of the con job, and they’ve been talking thousands of people out of thousands each for years and years.

Don’t just take my word for it. There are endless complaints from angry customers who lament their losses to be on average of $1,200 to $1,500 just oin the “upsells” alone. That’s not counting the useless seminars The Morrisons charge in excess of over $4000 a ticket on an average day.

So when you see the creator of Fast Traffic Formula claim he’s making about 100k a month you can see why he’s making that, but he will never REALLY truly show you just exactly how. The info they provide is half baked at best, and some is outdated at worst. You want to avoid this scam like the plague.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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Thanks David,I just watching Adrian Morrissons Ecom Success academy and I’m wondering if its scam also..its cost $2500.


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