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Fast Cash Commissions

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Fast Cash Commissions Scam Review

by David Harris

“Fast Cash Commissions” by Anthony Morrison, found at, is one of several Morrison products of highly questionable quality.

However, this one was sold through Clickbank where you can get your money back through them, but it’s not anymore so there’s no guarantee of how trustworthy it now is, given Morrison’s troubled history.

Forget the fact that Morrison has had a dark history and reputation as a scammer with investigations of his worst cons by major network news channels.

Forget countless complaints filed with the BBB or literally thousands of grievances registered online by people he has swindled.

Forget the overpriced seminars you can never get refunds for.

In this review, we will address this particular product, “Fast Cash Commissions”.

Fast Cash Commissions contains 28 step-by-step training videos on converting traffic into income.

The system is a basic copy and paste application at about fifty bucks to buy and $67 monthly for membership.

The information is a bit scattered and disorderly, so for the beginner that this system is intended to reach, it can be quite confusing and frustrating to understand.

There’s a section for keyword searching which ties a social media keyword search tool for comments and replies.

This is viewed by respected marketers as a spammy kind of list building method if not used properly, which ‘Fast Cash Commissions’ does not really get into here.

However, because of that, it’s not very useful as a long term strategy tool.

The copy and paste section of Fast Cash Commissions is a little more than subjects like how to set up a blog and uploading themes, which WordPress itself has instructions for without having to pay extra.

They do train to a certain extent on creating CPA ad campaigns with their pre-written articles

Although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot in terms of value for the price, I cannot say that this is a complete scam, so, to be fair, sometimes the creators of another scammy product can actually come close to getting it right on another.

Certain key factors have also been left out, no doubt so Fast Cash Commissions can upsell you to more expensive programs.

The basics CPA Networks and ClickBank can be found anywhere you really look for free on the internet without having to get mixed up with Fast Cash Commissions.

You can also get articles for far less.

Everything else but the social media sniper tool is pretty much worthless in value, but this tool might be worth whatever the pop up discount offer maybe but I wouldn’t spend a hundred bucks for this system.

I’m calling it out as a scam, mostly because they are no longer backed as a clickbank product, so refunds may not be possible. There are far better systems available elsewhere.

I do not recommend “Fast Cash Commissions”.

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