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Ron Walsh's EZ Wealth Solution

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EZ Wealth Solution Review

by David Harris

EZ Wealth Solution by Ron Walsh and found at is an internet marketing software program.

It’s widely denounced as a ‘new age Ponzi scheme’, which tells you right away it’s highly dubious by nature.

Even its own reps are hesitant to promote the, for lack of a better term, “products”.

The mountains of complaints and angry letters registered online were inundating, to say the least.

But I will address the main problems with EZ Wealth Solution.

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The stuff EZWealthSolution is selling is not worth selling.

So their main concern is getting you to recruit others into this scheme to recruit others and so on.

EZ Wealth Solution charges a $47 fee to join, which wouldn’t be so bad if this wasn’t a scam.

The higher-ups act like angry cult members when you decide to pass on EZWealthSolution and berate you for doing so.

Rather than working on good customer service skills.

The truth is, only 1%, that’s one percent of the people in this sham company are making anything worthwhile.

That is really bad when you consider most multi-level marketing companies have a 1 to 5 percent success rate.

The sponsors go on about people who have made lots of money on Ron Walsh’s EZ Wealth Solution.

But none of them have ever shown proof.

EZ Wealth Solution’s only common mantra is that maybe you haven’t worked the business.

Well, sure, a drug dealer on the street won’t make much if they don’t work the business.

But still, the only ones ever making substantial money in that line of, ahem, work, just like EZWealthSolution ever make any of it.

Disregard the hyped-up video that explains nothing about products or the company itself right at the front page of EZ Wealth Solution website.

Substandard e-books that go for hundreds of dollars are not a product to write home about.

They keep on emphasizing recruitment as your best way of making money at this.

If it walks and talks like a pyramid scheme

However, they do provide products, albeit terrible products.

EZ Wealth Solution is just a horrible scam venture you should avoid like the plague.

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