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EZ Internet Marketing – Scam or Legit Reviews

EZ Internet Marketing found at is a work from home business scam we have to warn you about. We have reviewed so many like this one that it’s expected how they just keep popping up.

Here comes Jennifer Smith, the phony single mom that allegedly makes thousands of dollars every month by just working a few minutes a day at her computer from the comfort of her home by simply posting links. There’s nothing easy about posting links.

Believe this one thing that is true – those running this con are making lots of money from people who are desperate enough to try anything. Sadly, you are not the one who will make any of this money.

Of the hundreds of websites just like this one, EZ Internet Marketing is virtually no different. It comes with a stock photo of the fake mom right above the fake check designed to stimulate you into signing up.

The ‘certification enrollment form’ has you thinking you will get certified and official as a legitimate online worker. It’s just not the case, nor anything close to it.

EZ Internet Marketing continues with non-stop deceptive claims and overstatements of how much money one can make with them. Ridiculous claims like making an incredulous $379 a day.

Sadly, EZ Internet Marketing work from home program is a swindle. Soon as it’s name is burned, others just like it will take its place, complete with fake bank statement, phony testimonials and the vague claim, “as seen on these” news channels audaciously right next to the unauthorized news logos.

The biggest issue with EZ Internet Marketing is that once you sign up and give them your personal information, then boiler room operation experts do their best to drain you of your money.

They call you with promises of superior “business coaching” programs that can run in the tens of thousands! Beware of this scam and steer clear.

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– David


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