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EZ Daily Cash Generator

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EZ Daily Cash Generator Scam Review

by David Harris

“EZ Daily Cash Generator”, by Jim Carpenter and found at, is an affiliate link posting program that is questionable at best. There are many of these kinds of affiliate marketing scams going around and we do our best to expose them.

When researching EZ Daily Cash Generator, I found so many complaints about them that I realized this is nothing but hype. First, they ask for $49 to join, which is a bit steep for a training system that doesn’t offer a whole lot.

EZ Daily Cash Generator uses old and out dated systems of submitting ads to as many websites as you can possibly post to. The problem is that many people are doing the same with similar content, so the competition is going to be on your tail.

The pre-written email messages are generic, and the auto-responder they provide is sub par. Then there are the endless calls and emails to get you to sign up with the programs that EZ Daily Cash Generator “upsells” for as much as thousands of dollars.

None of these upsells EZ Daily Cash Generator offers will be of any use to you. The main program is actually just an online link generator. You post articles from other websites while your affiliate page shows a pop up over the website you just shared. That’s all it does basically.

This is a common bait and switch routine that no one but the scam artist running EZ Daily Cash Generator will make any money off of because it leaves out very pertinent information you need to make a link generating business work.

Even in the intro videos they never quite explain what it is you would be doing. EZ Daily Cash Generator promises that they reveal everything once you pay to join, and that alone is a red flag to watch out for.

I do not recommend EZ Daily Cash Generator to anyone wanting to start their own business.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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