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Extreme Home Paycheck

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Extreme Home Paycheck Review

by David Harris

“Extreme Home Paycheck” also known as “Mick Moore’s Extreme Home Paycheck”, by Mick Moore and found at

It’s a rip-off website that perpetrates a swindle called the link posting scam that preys on those who wish to work online from home.

The fictitious representative on the sales page, Mick Moore, was made up to get you interested in their phony tale of how he became prosperous using this terrible system.

Everything you see on this site is pure garbage and hype.

Nothing is real or genuine but they sure use every trick in the con book to make it seem true.

Extreme Home Paycheck preys on those who are desperate to work online from home with internet marketing yet have no clue how to find real online jobs.

First, skip to the bottom of their page to examine their terms and their lawyers’ language repudiating the hype on their sales page.

Even with all that they still work their ways to make sure any money you pour into this scam will never see your hands ever again, much less any profits.

Soon as scam watch websites ours expose each of these ripoffs, another takes its place with the same graphics, fake photos and pitch under a new URL link.

This is how Extreme Home Paycheck happened.

When it’s tapped and blown it will disappear with everyone’s hard-earned money.

Abandon all hope of getting a refund.

No one takes your call after your bank is empty, and certainly, no one will call or email you back with solutions.

Be alert against the “only a few positions left in (your town here)” trick to get you eager to respond because there really aren’t any jobs here.

It’s just a very risky venture.

All the photos including the fake rep character, the testimonials and even the car, mansion and boat are all either fake or from public images stock photos websites.

The testimonials are from other link posting scams the FTC deemed unethical and fake.

The scammers who run Extreme Home Paycheck don’t care one bit.

However, you actually want to find out if Extreme Home Paycheck actually will make you big money like they claim.

Not only does it not do that, but it won’t even make you any.

In fact, you would be throwing your money away.

Starting with the $97 membership charge, which they keep discounting on every pop up when you try to exit down to $47.

Extreme Home Paycheck also charges you a monthly fee.

What you get for that money in return is nothing but out of date “training” and endless spam offers from other scams in the Extreme Home Paycheck “back office” and in your inbox.

Do not give Extreme Home Paycheck your banking and personal data like your phone number and address.

The Extreme Home Paycheck boiler room floor thugs are well trained in the ways of getting you to buy their up-sells that can go for up to tens of thousand of dollars and more for useless business coaching systems.

So many victims have registered their grievances and complaints online on getting ripped off by sites just like Extreme Home Paycheck, and this is no different.

Many of them complain that they’ve found extra charges on their credit cards made without their knowledge or approval.

There are no redeeming qualities about this scam.

It’s a tough enough thing trying to make a living from even legitimate affiliate marketing as it is.

On top of all this, they sell your information off to their third party clients that then deluge your inbox and voice mail with their own scams to no end.

Don ‘t get anywhere near being involved with Extreme Home Paycheck.

You will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

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