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Extra Income Profits

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Extra Income Profits Scam Review

by David Harris

Extra Income Profits, found at, is another ludicrous attempt to get as much money from you as they can without really explaining what it is they do without explaining what you would supposedly be doing to make money with them.

First I must say that the overwhelming amount of negative reviews and comments I’ve found about Extra Income Profits is not surprising, given what I’ve discovered myself about this awful site.

Now, where to start?

Ok, their very first top-line about if you’ve heard millions of people are making money on the internet.

While it’s a grabber, it is misleading. This is not a site you can make money with. They hypothetically sell training materials.

I say hypothetically because many complaints I’ve gathered go on to state that the folks who spend their money on Extra Income Profits barely receive anything worth the value if they receive anything at all.

Next, the crummy design set up to look like someone’s desk filled with photos of mansions, boats and a handsome couple at a laptop.

The ridiculous post it scribblings contrived to hook you in addition to this scheme.

Most people in the field of online marketing, work from home, etc know by now that there’s no such thing as fast easy cash. There’s a lot of work to be done before seeing modest returns.

Next on my list is the “check availability” nonsense on their optin box.

It takes you straight to a sales page before they even tell you what it is you might be buying. You don’t go to a car dealership without kicking some tires before forking over your cash.

Once you do fill out the register look very closely at the true amounts Extra Income Profits charges you so quickly.

The product price says $49.95 but the total amount right below it is $164.92.

Look down further and you see they have boxes with default checkmarks for more useless junk.

They nickel and dime you to give access to the info you should be getting for their initial price.

Next to the order form are security guaranteed logos that have no links to anything that would back the claims up. Read the bottom disclaimers for more fun and frolic. In particular, well, everything really.

Oh, but my favorite is always the refund section on all these types of scams.

In fact, many complaints from angry customers deal with completely losing what they put in. Let’s all be smart about this one and swerve to avoid it.

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