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Exclusive Home Income Kits

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Exclusive Home Income Kits Scam Review

Exclusive Home Income Kits found at, is another internet ‘business’ which ignores new laws and regulations against fraudulent trade practice. It was known as the google home income kit scam previously and yahoo before that.

The FTC has tried to curb the internet marketing industry scams but lack of manpower weakens their attempts. In addition, the scammers are more cautious than before.

They have toned down the past ridiculous claims of you making 497 to 1000 dollars a day.

They now use vague and legally evasive statements which can be argued if brought before court, and the disclaimers at the bottom of the pages take care of the rest. But that’s about as far as they care to go along with compliance with the law.

Exclusive Home Income Kits uses the same exact templates previous scammers used in order to look appealing to desperate people looking to quit their jobs and work from home.

They fail to state have money to invest as Google’s ad system operates on a pay per click basis, and they don’t tell you that you can easily lose money with this system. Another issue with Exclusive Home Income Kits is with their billing process.

They have an initial fee at the start, but they continue to charge a monthly fee if you do not cancel within 3 days. Many complaints I’ve gathered stem from them still charging your account even after you try to cancel.

They try to get you to sign up for other programs once you register, and that adds to the confusion. Make sure you cancel everything or they will continue to charge you.

However, the most disturbing practice of Exclusive Home Income Kits is that they tell you link posting is easy and simple. It is neither of those, and you have to invest more money to make something like this get off the ground. There is no guarantee it will work.

So, to sum up, Exclusive Home Income Kits is full of misleading promises and once you’re in they have you in their trap to take as much money from you as they can get.

I strongly recommend you do not do business with Exclusive Home Income Kits if you don’t want to have to deal with major headaches trying to get loose from them.

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– David


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