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eJobs Junction

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eJobs Junction Scam Review

by David Harris

“eJobs Junction”, found at, is fake jobs bait and switch website full of red flags that give away the scam.

eJobs Junction claims the work they offer is easy, with no skills needed yet it’s anything but that.

The danger in this website is the lure that hooks desperate people trying to find something they can work from home without it being another work from home scam.

You will not find any real honest to goodness jobs on eJobs Junction. This is an affiliate marketing scam site of the worst kind.

eJobs Junction also claims you can make lots of money by selling what is known as Clickbank products, and there are a few out there that can make a modest extra income, but there are plenty of caveats I’ll reveal.

For one, the type of affiliate marketing involved entails a lot of work for little in return and in fact, you would have to invest in an advertising budget that amounts to a losing proposition by the time your budget depletes.

What they don’t tell you at eJobs Junction is that you will need a budget of at least a couple grand to start out with for a website and for promoting said website.

This is no job website by anybody’s standards including our own; especially since they state right in their disclaimers that there is no guarantee you will ever make your money back.

No experienced and skilled pro marketers ever get involved in these flimsy ventures, as it is a difficult way to make money online. That’s one big red flag on eJobs Junction.

Next red flags are the fake earnings indicators from phony checks and testimonials from nonexistent people that sound too good to be true, because it is all hype and no substance.

It’s tough enough out there to find a decent job. You don’t need scam websites like eJobs Junction lying and doing their darnedest to reel you in.

Look out for the contact details, or lack thereof. eJobs Junction has none to speak of and little to no customer support, which is not a big surprise to us here at ScamXposer. We see a lot of that going around.

I rarely point out in our articles that I look at these biz opps scams in statistic sites when looking for trustworthiness, but eJobs Junction had a rating that was all the way in the red, as in extremely risky.

Beware of the multitude of fake review sites that falsely praise the scam that is eJobs Junction as you search for other opinioins.

In addition, eJobs Junction is not even a Clickbank product itself so trying to get your money back through CB is not possible.

Even with other scam sites I don’t see it that far in the red zone. I caution everyone to stay very far away from eJobs Junction. It’s as ‘scammy’ as they get.

Thanks for reading

– David


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