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Easy Income Scam Review

by David Harris

Easy Income, by Sarah Fraser and found at, is nothing but another nasty scheme to steal as much money from unsuspecting customers desperate to start their own business.

It is by now a well known scam recognizable by the gimmicks these clone sites use.

The first of several tricks is the landing page which is designed to have you give up your email address, name and phone number, all which will be used relentlessly to get you to waste your money on this cruel plot.

The premise of the con is made to look like Easy Income is a job offer, by stating that there are ‘positions’ in your area.

What you won’t know even if you scrutinize all the information on the site is that once you’ve paid the signup fee you give up your peace of mind by way of having Easy Income inundate your email with third party spam to buy more junk business opportunities.

Not to mention that the sales people will call your phone number day and night until they wear you down and spend more money on their ridiculous offers.

These offers include a ruse Easy Income calls business coaching, which really does nothing for you and before you know it you’ve spent thousands of dollars in hopes it will make you rich beyond your imagination, so they would have you believe.

Getting back to the usual suspect warning signs of the scam, once you opt in you’re directed to a page with a fake story by a person that doesn’t really exist, Sarah Fraser.

This story is the same exact one used on all the other clone scam sites under different names like Work At Home Digital, for example. All they do is change the stock photo.

The photo of this fictional character can be found on most stock photo websites.

It’s like the photos that come with a picture frame you buy at a department store.

The same goes for the photos next to the phony comments shouting praises about Easy Income.

Then there are the fake income check and credit card statement, which are not real.

The truth is that when you post ads through the model Easy Income supposedly provides called link posting, you will get a bunch of smaller checks from the many partner companies that you would be posting ad links for.

We’ve come to call this con the link posting scam, and it’s almost impossible to make the money they claim you will earn with this sham.

It’s all a lie, and to add to the miserable truth about scams like Easy Income, we get letters and emails from the unfortunate folks who’ve been taken by them for thousands of dollars only to disappear when the customers want their money back.

Do yourself a favor and move along, there’s nothing to gain from Easy Income.


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