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Earn At Home Club

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Earn At Home Club Scam Review

by David Harris

Earn At Home Club, by Jennifer Becker and found at is a link posting scam that has many terrible issues.

Earn At Home Club has been a real point of contention since they began their scam crusade.

It is amazing that they have not yet been shut down.

This scam, Earn At Home Club, among a host of other infamous scam names we’ve reviewed and exposed elsewhere on our site change names often to make people think they are not related.

Of course, you have to throw in the fictional woman in all this. Jennifer Becker is not a real person.

The model used is not that person. The character was made for some kind of connection to a human.

The other usual suspects are all here, too, including the fake check and shill comments posted up to look like they’re the real thing to persuade you to act now.

Add the unauthorized use of network news logos and the news report video that was never released to Earn At Home Club for their own usage.

This scam is carefully crafted to fool any newcomer who hasn’t learned the ropes yet, and that is Earn At Home Club’s main bread and butter.

The urgent call to action tactic with the running timer counting down the limit to Earn At Home Club’s discount offer is a tried and true scam tactic.

Don’t fall for it.

It resets and starts all over again when you refresh the page.

If you think the $1 dollar discount they offer after all your attempts to exit the Earn At Home Club page is a deal then you would be in for a nightmare surprise.

How the scam works is that they offer Earn At Home Club for a dollar, then they charge your card about forty bucks after 3 days, then $29 a month after.

Then when you call to cancel they tell you it can’t be done for 90 days.

Meantime they are making money off you with a program that is totally useless.

The kick to the gut comes when you try to cancel after the 90 day period and find there is no refund policy.

You are then continued to be charged until you resolve it with your bank.

The bait and switch tactic Earn At Home Club uses is as old as the con-men who sold useless junk door to door in the 1910-20s.

Unlike those tricksters of old and their fake bibles and driveway toppings that washed away in the next rainfall, Earn At Home Club never tells you what bill of goods their trying to unload on you.

Not even in the fake shill comments does anyone ever say how Earn At Home Club is helping them make these vast sums of money.

Truth is that there is no money to be made with this swindle.

Earn At Home Club is only there to get whatever they can from unsuspecting newcomers looking for ways to make money online from home.

If you go looking for a refund, the “customer service”, and I use the term loosely, is a ghost town the second you lodge a complaint.

The only way you can try to make your money back is to call your bank and try a chargeback and or cancel the card or bank account you used to join Earn At Home Club.

If our review of Earn At Home Club does not convince you of how terrible Earn At Home Club really is, then try to search online for complaints by those who got ripped off.

The grievances are too numerous to count. One incredulous complaint I found was from several people who were lucky enough to get a hold of someone at Earn At Home Club.

They were all told the company line that their computer must be compatible with Earn At Home Club’s software in order to watch the training videos.

These weak retorts are ludicrous at best and so insulting that I cannot even comprehend just how evil these crooks are.

Beware of the fake news report, WAHC that claims they are an “advertorial” (not a true word), or advertising editorial that redirects you to Earn At Home Club.

Their advertorial scam is full of misleading information and outright lies.

The processor, SafeOrder System that takes your money when you pay to join Earn At Home Club is also disreputable.

Many complaints can be found about the Safe Order System scam.

Look it up, it won’t be hard to find.

Again to reiterate, Earn At Home Club’s fake promoter, Jennifer Becker has been used to promote other scams in the past including A to Z Cash System, My Home Cash System, and News Reports Today just to name a few.

There is not one good thing about Earn At Home Club.

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