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e-Profit Academy Review

“e Profit Academy” found at is another internet marketing scam you should beware of.

So many clones of this are all over the internet we keep on exposing them for you world without end.

Starting with the infamous single mom Jennifer Smith that e-Profit Academy claims earns hundreds per hour at home online with no previous experience at posting links, which is a total contradiction.

The reality is that’s a rather difficult business to maneuver.

She may be making all this money from unsuspecting newbies desperate to succeed at this industry.

Unfortunately, no one else will be as successful as these scammers who run this crooked show.

Of the many cloned websites like e Profit Academy there is no difference at all.

It comes with a phony photo of the frictional single mother and her contrived paycheck designed to motivate you to register and pay and pay.

They claim you will go through a ‘certification course’ so you would believe you’ll become a certified online worker.

No certification is needed required or anything else of the kind for independent internet marketing work. None whatsoever.

e Profit Academy keeps the scam running with phony customer testimonials, which include stock photos you can find anywhere online, that try to convince you to give away your vital financial information.

e-Profit Academy is so far away from an honest company, that as soon as this scheme is played out the perpetrators will just put another one up in its place with almost nothing changed in the website content.

The worst thing about eProfit Academy if you do happen to sign up and pay through your credit card is that after their so called trial period, which they say you can cancel, they will charge you recurring monthly fees.

As if that is not bad enough, then they throw their boiler room operation sales cons at you to get the most they can from you with exciting talk of making you rich.

It’s what they do.

Their “business coaching” programs will bleed you in the tens of thousands of dollars!

Do not engage in business with these scammers!

I cannot emphasize this enough – e-Profit Academy is a bad venture, to say the least.

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