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E Online Business System – Scam Review

by David Harris

E Online Business System by Kristy Richards and found at, is one more in an infinite number of scammers trying to steal your money. Yes, almost as infinite as there are stars in the sky, but I jest.

The gag starts with the ‘limited job spots available’ routine to get you excited about signing on with E Online Business System.

Once in, the gag continues with the news corporation logos of CNN, NBC, etc. None of who endorse them in any way.

The joke on you carries on with the claim of certified work from home. How E Online Business System can claim this program to be certified is just certifiably insane.

There is no certification for affiliate marketing online. Add to that the bold claim that you will make at least $379 a day with E Online Business System.

How did they come up with this number you ask? Well, it sounds more believable than rounded off to four hundred. It’s a psychological ploy, to be sure.

One thing I will say is true is that they’ll take it down, as they say, but not when the limit is reached, – but when E Online Business System finally gathers enough complaints about their crooked billing practices and other grievances.

The phony news clip has been around as long as this scam and the names of the work from home moms they throw at you mercilessly, too. This time it’s Kristy Richards.

You will not find that name associated with anyone of interst in the field of IM if you look in the search engines, Her stock picture is also taken from a stock images website.

The other stock photos of ‘satisfied affiliates’in the fake testimonials section are also taken from stock image sites.

Then there is the sappy yarn created to make you believe this fake mom was divorced, out on the street then found this miracle company, E Online Business System, and with no experience actually made lots of money.

Believe this if you still believe in Santa. Getting the picture yet? How about the fake credit card statement showing her earnings from one source?

This is a dead giveaway. You never actually get paid from any one source posting link ads through affiliate marketing with E Online Business System.

In fact, most people have reported how E Online Business System and other sites like it have ripped them off not only for the sign up money, but also for continuing to take more without authorization once they have your credit card info.

Try to get your money back after you cancel your card. It’s near impossible, with more frustration and headaches than walking in halfway through the television series Lost.

I hope you will not be like a deer caught in the headlights if you see this train wreck coming. E Online Business System is a scam. Run.

Thanks for reading

– David


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