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eCash Opinions

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Income Potential:$10 to $15 per month

eCash Opinions Scam Review

by David Harris

eCash Opinions, found at, is another site making claims of earning lots of money for taking surveys from home on your computer.

There is no paid to take surveys site anywhere online that you can make tons of money on except Survey Club.

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Online complaints have “eCash Opinions” site responsible for hacking people’s email and social media sites like Twitter to spam users. Ironically, they claim to be dedicated to the prevention of spam.

Like many scams I research, I found many dummy sites spewing glowing reviews of their service in poorly-written English, as if “eCash Opinions” paid third graders to write them.

This kind of dishonesty actually does eCash Opinions a disservice but, I guess they feel that if you spread enough manure out there, the field will yield results.

Lately, I have seen many scam companies use this practice and I take great umbrage at this deceptive practice.

From top to bottom, this whole thing just smells. Starting with the “as seen on TV” sticker at the very top, which then is denied to be true in their disclaimer, to the video showing mansions and boats, as if you can really have a mansion just from taking surveys.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dishonest. People who don’t know better may fall for this scheme and end up throwing away meager life savings so the owners of eCash Opinions can keep these mansions they show on this video.

It takes 3 pages before they take you to a pay to sign up page.

eCash Opinions wants $35 to $45 before you get any surveys.

In my opinion it is highway robbery.

You should not have to pay anything to join any legitimate survey site.

This is because you will be lucky to make ten to fifteen dollars a month from any one survey site.

Legitimate survey sites know this and do not charge you to join.

Another horrible aspect of eCash Opinions is that once you’ve entered your personal info into their opt-in fields, they will just re-sell this information to other companies that will then inundate you night and day with endless spam.

Beware the bogus bonus of the $495 value one on one “consultation”.

All it really is about is they’re aggressive salespeople doing their best to get thousands more from your wallet for nothing in return.

I can go on and on but I’m hoping you are getting the idea.

I do not recommend “eCash Opinions” because Survey Club is a much better option…

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