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Digital Income Path

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Digital Income Path – Scam Review

Digital Income Path, by Marybeth Weber and found at, is a recent garden variety scam site this time designed to have the look of a news report. Many definite clues as to the nature of its phony con will be listed here.

First, you get the fictional story of struggle to success by the fictional Marybeth Weber, who only exists for the purpose of this Digital Income Path scam. This time, the story is rather brief and the description of what you will be doing cannot be found anywhere on the first page. The social media logos advertised are dead. You can’t click on them.

Next, the taskbar at the top of Digital Income Path has links you can click on. However, when you click on them all they do is take you to the buy page. No further descriptions, instructions or anything. This is a surefire sign of something rotten going on here.

Nothing on the first page really entices you enough to want to sign up, but the scammers are hoping there are plenty of desperate suckers who will fall for their scheme. The tired old fake news clip is looking pretty worn, as if it’s been copied many times over, but by now you’ve seen it on many other similar link posting scam sites like Digital Income Path.

The truth behind this scam is that the “amazing program” Digital Income Path is selling is really only about posting links to ads on the internet. Other scam sites have called it a “Wealth Development Certification Program”, but that is just a euphemism for nothing at all.

Fancy titles like that and “Search Engine Agent Program” will be thrown around liberally. There are no such things like certification for this type of online business. This scheme is mostly run so the salespeople at Digital Income Path can go after more of your money by upselling you to more expensive yet ineffectual Business Consultants who will “train” you as your personal business coaches.

Thousands of dollars later you find they are nowhere in sight when you want your money back. Lamentably, we get so many letters and messages from folks who have been taken for lots of money by these evil cons, but when we get the ones that thank us for preventing the same thing happening, we know we are doing our job.

There are so many scams like “Digital Income Path” that I’m sure the government does not have the time, resources or energy to go after them, so we feel it’s up to us and our readers to help expose these frauds. Do stay far away as possible from Digital Income Path and scams like it if you can.

I’d like to thank readers who find some of these scams before we do and let us know about them for us to review. We can all work together to try and make the internet a safe place for real honest business.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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