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Data Entry Bucks

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Type of Business: Link Posting Scam Disguised as Data Entry Work
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Data Entry Bucks Scam Review

By David Harris

“Data Entry Bucks”, found at, is one of those ‘work from home opportunity’ companies that never quite seem to be what they advertise themselves to be. In this case an agency for data entry jobs. It’s not.

First, they tell you that you can make up to 500 dollars a day with no skills or experience and only basic computer knowledge. So, no experience is needed to master a complicated business like affiliate marketing. That’s what this is after all.

Then they mislead you with phrases like data entry positions available and try and make you think that Data Entry Bucks offers jobs. First of all, real data entry work for legitimate companies who hire telecommuters don’t pay you hundreds a day.

This is just another link posting scam weakly masquerading as a data entry job placement website. Again, this is not a middleman between you and a real company wanting to hire you for a ten or fifteen dollars per hour type of job.

Link posting is basically affiliate marketing, which means you have to invest your own money in placing ads that you hope may get enough traffic that someone will click on your ad and actually buy something directly though the ad.

Worse than this, Data Entry Bucks is mainly interested in your personal information to sell in a package of data, along with other people’s info, to third party clients who buy the data to pursue their own marketing schemes.

It goes on to get worse here. If you happen to pay them for the service you think you’re going to get, meaning you hope to get a real honest to goodness job, think again. Data Entry Bucks’ team of aggressive salespeople come at you.

Their job is to try and get you to spend more money on useless personal business coaching programs that are neither personal nor business. You never quite learn enough to get you anywhere.

A few months and five to fifteen thousand dollars later you wonder how they got you. Then you make the exercise in futility of trying to get your money back. It won’t be your finest moment in life.

So, rather than live through this experience and learn, just take my advice and learn it here already and pass up this scam from Data Entry Bucks. You will be glad you did. I promise.

I do not recommend “Data Entry Bucks”.

Thanks for reading

– David


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