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Daily Web Biz

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Daily Web Biz Scam Review

by David Harris

“Daily Web Biz” by Cami White and found at is a link posting scam.

We will show you the many red flags that make up the Daily Web Biz website scam.

Including the single working mom Cami White and her story of rags to riches.

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All is fake on this site.

Cami White, who doesn’t exist in real life, is not a real-life a successful person whom Daily Web Biz claims is America’s Number One Home Business Consultant.

This scam, Daily Web Biz, has been online for a very long time under different names because once one is exposed a new one comes out.

No changes are made to any of the content.

That is because the design you see is replicated each and every time with too many to keep up with much less track down by proper authorities.

This is such a terrible con whose primary endgame is to collect as much of your private information including your banking numbers, email and physical address, name, phone number, etc.

All without explaining anything about what work is involved in order to make the huge pile of money they say you can make using this product.

Worse, no further details are yet to be found upon signing up except a flurry of more pop up spam and scam offers from their clients.

You have to wade through endless junk for them to get to the point which there really is little of.

Don’t be fooled by their call to action gimmick “there are only 2 positions left”.

They’re not offering jobs here, just a high risk no yield useless venture.

Daily Web Biz is not a job nor a job board where you can work online from home.

Rather, it is a very risky home business “opportunity”, so they lie to you right from the start.

Everything on this page is either over-exaggerated promotional material (hype) or lies including the unauthorized use of major network news brands on top of the presentation page.

There is a video right below the news logos which is also used without the approval from the original team that made it.

Next red flags are the generic photos used from public stock image sites of the fake mom.

Then the shill comments, and, of course, the mansion and a yacht, as Elmer Fudd would say.

Also, you can see the photo-shopped check and credit card statements and a fabricated check designed to lure you into the Daily Web Biz trap.

The doctored-up check photo is particularly misleading.

You wouldn’t get such a large amount from one company.

Due to so many third party clients, you would post links for, you would have gotten a bunch of small checks.

If this old system still worked today.

Beware of the language they use to concoct fake certificates like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

These titles are not recognized by the internet marketing world.

In this particular old business model, it is so hard to profit from posting ad links.

There’s little to no chance of breaking even.

That is because there is the fact that you have to spend money on buying ad space before you realize almost nobody clicks on those ads like they used to.

That is why, at the evil black heart of this type of scam they have a persistent sales team on their boiler room floor with a goal of taking all your money by selling you more expensive upgrades and upsells.

You will never get your money back from them either.

There is no customer service and the restrictions and maze-like conditions prevent you from getting your refund.

There is no way to make money from Daily Web Biz.

It is not a legitimate home online business opportunity at all.

Don’t just go with our word for it.

Take it from the thousands of people who have been ripped off upwards of tens of thousands.

Incidentally, the scammers running this and several other link posting scams have been the subject of investigative news reports for perpetrating this fraud under different websites.

No good will come to you if you mess with Daily Web Biz.

It’s a scam.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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