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Daily Consumer Posts

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Daily Consumer Posts Scam Review

by David Harris

Daily Consumer Posts is now, by Kim Swartz and found at, is a fake design made to appear like a newsletter. This landing page takes you to an awful scam we’ve exposed over the last couple years. All the usual suspects and red flags litter this horrible old link posting scam.

The operators of Daily Consumer Posts use this phony newsletter to redirect you to a scam we recently exposed, Michelle Withrow’s Work At Home Institute, This scam is considered a seriously risky venture by many other experts.

First, let me reiterate on Work At Home Institute. It is nothing but a scam clone website that promises that you can make hundreds a day by becoming a search engine agent through their search engine certification program, along with other silly titles.

Scams like Daily Consumer Posts and its redirect tend to use important sounding yet empty catchphrases like that and silly titles such as Wealth Development Certification Program to make their racket look legitimate.

So many people who are looking for easy ways to make money online often fall for it, to the delight of the scammers who run Daily Consumer Posts. They include a heartwarming yet fictional story by a nonexistent working mom who goes from rags to riches.

The clone sites like Daily Consumer Posts change the fake moms’ names yet it’s the exact same story every time a new clone site like this pops up. Don’t be fooled by things you see like the news channel logos at the top because they are disclaimed at the bottom of the page.

The fake “paycheck” and comments from nonexistent people are red flags to watch out for. Take heed not to let Daily Consumer Posts lead you to heartache and financial ruin. Once you’ve given them your credit card info and other personal information is when the nightmare begins.

Their evil tactics include a very nasty and aggressive boiler room sales floor trained to take as much money as they can from you by pushing useless business coaching programs that they claim will improve your chances of success. Thousands of dollars later and you will have only learned that they do nothing for you.

Please just learn the lesson from this review rather than from involving Daily Consumer Posts in your life. Be very wary of this scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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