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Daily Cash 247

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Daily Cash 247 Scam Review

by David Harris

Daily Cash 247, found at, is a highly questionable cash gifting scheme.

They do their darnedest to convince you that this gifting service is legit but in many states in the U.S it is illegal.

What is really lowdown is that Daily Cash 247 doesn’t deny the fact that it is a cash gifting company.

They bank on newcomer “investors” not doing their research.

Daily Cash 247 will try to entice you with a photo of a guy in front his big house and flashy cars.

He earned that money alright, but only by bilking eager innocents who won’t make the same kind of earnings.

If you don’t know by now not to engage in companies whose websites offer a pyramid scheme?

Well, this is just what cash gifting is. Daily Cash 247 you to believe what they do is legal.

Using the U.S. tax code (as an excuse to make offers) that allows a loophole on giving or receiving as much as twelve to thirteen thousand dollars per year in tax free gifts, they hope you take their word for it and join.

Cash gifting, is punishable by law in the U.S. The law states that cash gifting is identical to illegal lotteries, chain letter scams and pyramid schemes.

Keep your distance from Daily Cash 247 and other cash gifting programs like it so you don’t end up getting slapped with fines – or facing jail time!

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