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Creating Income System

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Creating Income System Scam Review

by David Harris

“Creating Income System” is found at and its redirect scam sites, and, and is a basic hosting scam rip off website.

They use a bait and switch con, offering a “free website” as long as you pay for the expensivey overpriced Creating Income System hosting and domain name registration.

Almost worst of all is the curiously missing information on what exactly it is you would be getting from Creating Income System.

The vagueness is intended, like a fake lure on a fishing hook. Sure, it looks like a worm to the unsuspecting fish, but it’s a fake rubber thing that the fisherman can use over and over again to catch more.

The Creating Income System site is that fake rubber worm. You are the fish. That is, if you have no experience coming across bad sites like this one.

Hopefully by now, you should be wary of any websites offering secret systems without any explanation whatsoever. Creating Income System is no different.

However, we test and explore for you and found that this fly by night opportunity can be harmful to your budget as well as wasteful of your time.

You basically buy the hosting and domain name from Creating Income System at an inflated price, most times in an impulsive manner before you have had the chance to think things through.

To do it the right way, you spend considerable time choosing what you want to promote on your site, a good and useful domain name, and then bargain hunting for a price that won’t break your piggy bank.

Creating Income System does not even tell you the name of the hosting company you’d be using under them, so there’s no way to know what you’re getting yourself into.

When you opt-in on the check availability for your domain name Creating Income System redirects you to the real hosting site called Site Hosting Source.

This site also leaves out most vital information, just that their sites make money out the gate. Truth be told, any sites making money when you buy them are valued at thousands of dollars, not free as they claim they offer.

Also, those money making websites are made viewable by the owner selling them before you purchase , so that should let you know something shady is going on at Creating Income System right from the start.

You should never fall for hype that claims a business like Creating Income System will do all the work for you, because 99% of the time it will just sit there like your unemployed kid that just got back home from college.

If by some chance the Creating Income System sites do actually work, it’s certain that they do so minimally and badly.

You will still not know what the Creating Income System is really supposed to do for you unless you waste your money on the costly hosting and registration.

This is just a poor business model and you, the buyer surely must beware. The price is far more than most excellent hosting and domain companies charge at retail value.

At about $130 to $170 per year for hosting and up to almost $250 with registration for just one year, you must really be careful, as most of these hosting scams have inefficient or troublesome service.

Since Creating Income System does not tell you what their program is about, choosing a name will not help you if you don’t know what it’s about. That is a lot of money to lose for something unexplained.

You will also be promoting the website service you just bought with the Creating Income System so called pre-made free website they offer you, so that is a dog right there, too.

Hosting scams like Creating Income System are designed to take the money and run, appealing to everybody’s love of “free” offers.

I advise you to steer very clear of this hosting scam. Creating Income System is not on your side.

Thanks for reading

– David


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