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Consumers Review Journal

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Consumers Review Journal Scam Review

by David Harris

“Consumers Review Journal”, by Kim Swartz and Karen James and found at, is a recent working mother scam that has changed the usual look of design to try and throw you off their scent. We know better.

The ploy is the old link posting scam dressed in a new suit, which is also tied to their other scheme they call Paid On Vacation found at

Consumers Review Journal has all the red flags as the other sites you might have seen by the fictional Karen James, including the news logos and fake news clip to make you think they are credible. There’s no credibility here, I can assure you.

The fictional work from home mom “Karen James” and story are made up to work on your emotions to make you want to give Consumers Review Journal all the money they can wrench out of you.

They prey on really desperate struggling single parents in need of a way to make decent earnings from home.

Consumers Review Journal has you in their claws once you’ve handed them your private info and bank account vitals.

Then the games begin, which starts with endless spam in your inbox and totally annoying high-pressure sales calls from their professional con-men posing as the support staff.

Read the disclaimers at the bottom of the site very carefully. You will see that Consumers Review Journal legal department made sure they’re covered.

Nothing on the site above them terms and conditions is true in any way whatsoever. The scammers who run this con are the only ones making any money here.

I’m sure you’re asking what it is Consumers Review Journal has you do to make the ridiculously vast sums of money they claim you’ll make.

The con is the scheme called link posting, which is an outdated business model that does not earn anyone money at the beginning stage and very difficult on any other level.

The real mess begins when Consumers Review Journal salespeople call you and incessantly to get you to spend thousands on their ineffective “business coaching” programs that will only leave you broke.

You want to watch out for trick “job” titles and fake certification names like search engine agent certification program and Wealth Development Consultant. There is no such thing in the real world.

Its astounding how they state, “who knows you may never make any money” and other such caveats in the disclaimers.

They count on the desperate to never read these things. We receive letters and messages from very unhappy customers who got taken for thousands of dollars by these scoundrels.

It’s lamentable, but we hope you had the chance to read our warnings to stay away from scam trash like Consumers Review Journal.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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