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Consumer Weekly Digest

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Consumer Weekly Digest – Scam Review

Consumer Weekly Digest, by Mary Stevens and found at is another one of many scams that utilize the fabricated news journal. Completely fake, there’s nothing real about it. In fact it says so at the bottom of the site. So why the ruse, I’m sure you ask?

Well, if it looks like a legitimate news report then by golly it must be. At least that is what these scammers hope to achieve to make you think it must be a real Consumer Weekly Digest news report. Alas, it is only a Consumer Weekly Digest scam. In fact, the fictional ‘work from home single mom’ Mary Stevens does not even exist.

Their exaggerated assertion of big wealth you can earn with no experience or skills is also a lie. As is the fake revenue check Consumer Weekly Digest on the front page. It is the same one they put up in every single one of these types of scam sites.

That’s because when you work a link posting business, you will be getting paid from many different ‘partners’s in much smaller amounts. But really the only ones making the most money is the scammer who puts these sites up. It’s difficult to tell who it may really be, as sites like these are almost always hidden by proxy.

Trying to earn a living from link posting, or, posting ads for different companies that pay you if someone clicks on the link and buys something is really tough. Those that use real and honest affiliated marketing approaches will make you some money, but there are not may around like that, and scammers like Consumer Weekly Digest are far from real and honest.

Consumer Weekly Digest first charges $99.95, and then if you try to exit the site, a pop up window slashes the price in an effort to entice you more. They’re hoping you feel so lucky that you got a discount to a lower price that you go for it. That would be a big mistake on your part.

The moment you give Consumer Weekly Digest your credit card number and personal data they have sales reps call you day and night to try to get you to spend as much as thousands more on extra upsells like ‘business coaching that is rarely ever of any value.

By the time Consumer Weekly Digest is through and they’ve gotten you spending thousands of dollars for virtually nothing in return, it will be too late for you! If you try to get your money back you will find that everybody at Consumer Weekly Digest has disappeared and can’t be reached for support.

The scam then leaves you broke with a painful feeling in your stomach. We get so many people writing to us about being taken by these criminals so often it boggles the mind. Consumer Weekly Digest is not to be trusted. We do all we can to warn everybody we can every time one of these work from home scams spawns from the depths of hell.

If we can prevent unsuspecting innocent people from getting ripped off by Consumer Weekly Digest and those like it, then we will keep on going until they finally get banned by the law. Do not get involved with them if you can avoid it.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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