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Consumer Trends Today

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Consumer Trends Today Scam Review

by David Harris

Consumer Trends Today, by Megan Carlson and sometimes Theresa Andrews or Melissa Johnson, and found at and, with a byline by Mary Corbett and Charles Meyers is yet another fake news site advertisement page for an awful link posting scam trap called Online Cash Commissions or other various names.

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This type of rip off site looks like some sort of news report for a “business opportunity” disguised as a job opening, but it really is just a redirect page to a couple of nasty scams called My Online Success Plan and My Biz Coach, both of which we’ve reviewed here at ScamXposer.

Every navigation button on Consumer Trends Today drives you to the scam. Then there are the other myriad of warning signs to watch out for.

The scammer who runs Consumer Trends Today makes huge money rapidly by getting you to authorize the redirect scam credited to fake author, Nancy Frazier, to bill them on your credit card. You need to know that you’re going to be billed monthly on top of the sign up fee.

You also need to know that Consumer Trends Today’s redirect scam will charge other hidden fees without your authorization from time to time.

Furthermore, their super aggressive boiler room operation sales people will do their utmost to get you to pay for even more ineffectual “business coaching” programs that a large number of people who have written to us complaining of losses in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Going down the line of red flags on Consumer Trends Today, Megan Carlson, Theresa Andrews or Melissa Johnson, the ever-changing fake single moms in this story, are purely fictional.

That is the same stock photo for each different fake mom name you see right next to the phony rags to riches tale crafted to get you excited.

The biggest bald faced lie is the “as seen advertised on” with the news logos following. If you read the disclaimers they tell you outright that this is not true. In fact, take time to read the disclaimers. Everything they spew at the top is denied down below.

This is NOT a job by any means. This is as risky a venture as you are likely to find. Be really wary of the sleazy “job titles” that scams like Consumer Trends Today use to pull unsuspecting people in.

Positions such as Search Engine Agent and fake degrees that say Wealth Development Certification Program do not exist in the world of affiliate marketing.

To reiterate, Consumer Trends Today will take you to my Online Success Plan and My Biz Coach. This means that they rigged this news report looking site just to lead you to some of the worst scams around on the internet.

Once you are redirected, the scams will be full of its own testimonials and fake checks and calculators that “show you” how much you can make with this business.

All the traps to lure you to, bring you in, and use your credit card are there making it hard to resist for those desperate newcomers looking for easy ways to make money online.

If it seems too good to be true that’s because it is in the case of Consumer Trends Today. Stay far, far away from this terrible scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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