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Cloaklinks Email Processing

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Cloaklinks Email Processing Review

By David Harris

“Cloaklinks Email Processing”, found at is an email processing home business scam that fraudulently boasts $25 per email processed.

This is just a new take on the old email processing scam that charges you $25 for nothing in return.

And they offer no refunds, so it’s like throwing away good money.

We call Cloaklinks Email Processing a scam due to having to pay so much money to be a member.

I would just not recommend it if this sham would be free.

However, the initial money you spend does not stop there.

I will explain as I go in a bit but first the down low on the lowdown.

This is not a job, but just a variation on the envelope stuffing swindle that’s been around since the days of the old post office scam.

Except, in these times, it amounts to aggressive online spamming. Here is how the scam operates.

Cloaklinks Email Processing is really a recruiting scam that has you get others to buy the program and resell it with the same ad that tricked you in the first place.

You also don’t actually get the $25 per recruit they promise in their presentation.

It’s actually more like about sixteen bucks because Cloaklinks Email Processing takes their cut.

The hype takes you through the usual gimmicks to lure you into joining, including the video presentation that uses a ripped-off news segment.

Then there are the rigged income calculator.

The doctored-up payment photos and vague details of what it is you’d be doing to make these so-called huge earnings.

One other big red flag you will see is the Cloaklinks Email Processing disclaimer that does not hold them responsible for anything they do.

All you do is spam as many people as you can through direct emails like the one I received that put Cloaklinks Email Processing in my sights.

If you agree to not hold them responsible, it’s highly likely you might be violating the CAN-Spam Act by engaging in illegal spam abuses.

Also, they encourage you to post the ads on Facebook, Craigslist, Backpage and anywhere else you are able to spam.

Be very careful of the upsells Cloaklinks Email Processing offers as well.

It’s just more scams and spam which in some cases might ask you for your personal information such as login data to your social media profiles like Twitter!

Spamming people on social media is unethical and you won’t be making or have many friends after doing so.

Classified pages are also wary and might ban you from advertising on some of them.

Another big red flag is the use of link cloaking.

This practice is used when an affiliate does not have its own URL and instead just steals another site’s link without telling them.

This shamelessly fraudulent scheme preys on the desperate newcomers who wish to work online from home.

And as I mentioned earlier, the money you initially spent is just to get you in.

There will be more you would have to spend on advertising, promoting, and marketing with little to no chance of success, as many people who tried it will attest to their failures.

There are so many of these people out there so the scammers who run these email processing scams will keep making piles of money.

Unfortunately, you won’t be so lucky because this scam does not offer legitimate methods of generating traffic or leads.

Also, there is no real product here.

Only posting ads to resell this very same scam to others who would have to resell it, too, so it’s not very promising to, say the least.

Cloaklinks Email Processing is a scam.

Stay away from it and just ignore any emails they sent you.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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