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Cash Surveys Only Review

by David Harris

“Cash Surveys Only”, by Kim Robbins and found at, is a paid surveys website scam.

In general, any site that charges you to get paid to take surveys is scamming you.

That is because every one of them is only a middleman of sorts redirecting you to the real survey and market research clients’ studies you can find for free.

Cash Surveys Only does not differ from them.

Worse than that, you also end up going through endless pages and pop ups of spam from their third party sponsors.

The big red flag on the field is the claim they make that you can earn tons of money just by paying about $40 bucks to join Cash Surveys Only.

If you haven’t come across sites like this that spew a lot of empty hype for almost nothing in return, there is something you should know.

Do not fall for any of that hooey, not ever.

You cannot make very much money taking surveys and product trial and such no matter what is stated on their site.

Another reason you don’t make much money by doing surveys is that all of their third party clients have minimum cash out limits, usually starting at $20 dollars and go as high as $50.

This means it could take you a long time to reach those caps when you consider an average survey pay anywhere between fifty cents to a couple dollars.

So if you’re getting directed to different market research companies’ surveys and product trials it means you will have cash out caps on each individual one.

By the time you reach each survey company’s caps it could take months or even years before you get paid for the surveys you take.

Even after you reach the payout the survey companies usually have a holding period as well so you will have to wait weeks or months before you get your money or reward points.

Now consider that you have to pay Cash Surveys Only a fee to join and you can see how unfair that is, especially at about fifty bucks to become a member.

As a general rule, we consider any survey portal that charges you to join to be a scam because you can find every one of their third party clients online at no cost to you.

Worse, when you join and enter the members’ area you will come across endless third party spam before you even get to a survey.

Even worse than that, Cash Surveys Only most likely sells their members’ personal info to their third party clients even though they claim they don’t.

Once they do that you will be receiving nonstop spam emails from them all so make sure not to give them your primary email address.

Do not believe the hype on their presentation page about lots of money to be made because, if you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see that their legal disclaimer refute everything they claim.

In fact, one of the clauses states that you might not even make any money at all.

This is how most of these survey portals are so be careful.

In addition to all this, their referral program is not even explained in detail if at all, but you might get anywhere between 3 to 5 dollars per person you bring in.

At the very least Cash Surveys Only is a Clickbank product so you can get a refund from Clickbank in case the survey portal does not give you back your money.

It is highly likely that you may see other charges unauthorized charges from Cash Surveys Only on the credit card you gave them when you joined.

Because they charge you to join I have to call it a scam and advise you to stay as far away from Cash Surveys Only as you can if you know what’s good for you.

I heartily do NOT recommend “Cash Surveys Only” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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