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Careers For You

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Careers For You Scam Review

by David Harris

“Careers For You”, by Kelly Scott and found at, is a bogus internet marketing site otherwise known as a link posting scam.

The Careers For You website info is nothing but made-up hype as an online home business opportunity which anyone can make a lot of money just by posting links.

One of the many things wrong with Careers For You is how they use a completely made up person to work on your emotions.

This imaginary personality, Kelly Scott, is supposedly a single mother who goes from rags to riches after she engages in Careers For You.

Careers For You is a link posting scam, and that means that they offer nothing but a bait and switch con in a clone website.

Careers For You uses the same design on every one of the other clone scam sites under different names. The reason is that when the scams like this one are revealed, the scammers make a new one under a different name.

The only motive that Careers For You and scams like it exist is to steal your money and identification, and they use all the dirty tricks in their bag to do so.

For one thing, there is no Kelly Scott, in internet marketing, a “number one business consultant in America” or whatever nonsense Careers For You calls this fake person.

Another red flag besides the fake working mother is the stock photo taken from a stock public images website, which you can easily find.

Then there is the imaginary story made by the scammers who run Careers For You to pull one’s heartstrings. It is not real.

Next, the fake shill comments from fake people and the fake income statements and paycheck to make you think there’s money to be made with Careers For You.

The photos next to the phony comments are also from stock image sites and the income statements and checks are photo-shopped.

Take a look at the news network logos at the top of the Careers For You site. Then take a look at the disclaimers at the bottom.

Careers For You is not authorized to use these logos and the disclaimers tell you so. In fact, you’re better off reading them and the terms. They cancel out all the hype on top.

There is a video on the second page that is not only unrelated to the actual website or product that Careers For You represents, but is also taken from an actual source that does not give them approval to use it.

That video Careers For You scammers stole is broad and general, thus scammers’ favorite to utilize it on all their other similar scam sites.

Next, beware of the fake certification titles Careers For You uses to trick you into believing you will be accredited.

Their fake “certs” often go by silly names like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

Financially, Careers For You is a money pit that only makes the operators of this scam any money – and most people recognize that, but they prey on unsuspecting newcomers eager to make money from home online business opportunities.

The backbone of scams like Careers For You is their boiler room sales operators who’ve mastered luring naive people into paying thousands -and in some cases even tens of thousands- of dollars for useless “business coaching” programs and upsells you will never make any money with ever.

Careers For You will only drain your bank account with no hope of refunds. Once they get all they can and you try to get your money back you will never get a response nor support.

We go after all the scams just like Careers For You. There is absolutely zero money anyone can make with this scam. Steer very clear from Careers For You.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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